8 Ways To Get Thicker Hair- Healthily

You’ll find at most beauty stores and online retailers, there are products that promise to grow your hair faster. They aim to give you longer, thicker, and fuller hair, but how do we know what really works?

I for one am a true believer that thicker, fuller hair comes from within first. Tackle any health problems bad habits and lifestyle issues, and that’s the first curveball. Of course, there are products and other solutions which can help in the meantime, like extensions and thickening products, which can give the illusion of fuller, thicker hair and allow you to get hair volume instantly.

Some of us naturally have fine hair. Mine has never been thick, although it was thicker before I attacked it monthly with stripping bleach and shots of heat every day.

Health aside, there are ‘things’ out there that can help you to get thicker, stronger and healthier looking hair, it’s just about finding the ones worth investing in. Some are super cheap and require minimal effort. Others do ask for a bit of patience, like hair vitamins, which I wrote about here last week.

The rate and thickness at which hair grows is influenced four main things: diet, supplements, hair tools, and hair-care ingredients. What we eat of course has a huge impact, and those who lack nutrients such as biotin, iron, vitamin A, C, D, and E, along with B vitamins, may notice sluggish hair growth or weakened hair. Remember that if you have suffered hair loss, you may wish to solve your hair loss problems first.

Let’s have a look at a hot list of what really can work wonders to get your hair looking thicker and healthier:

Food and supplements

You can’t go wrong with protein, but do consume it in a balanced way. Chicken is a great source, but if you’re consuming lots via food, don’t go too crazy on protein powders or supplements. Look at consuming eggs, blood oranges, salmon, avocado, and steel-cut oats as foods that support thick, healthy hair due to their multitude of nutrients.

Clip in Hair Extensions

There are so many types of hair extensions available now, and I remember when I had a set of tape’s applied. I was told these were super kind to my hair due to the tape fixture lying flat and ‘sticking’ to the hair rather than using glue. Although these aren’t harsh to the hair, when they are removed, you will get a lot of hair pulling out due to sticking firmly to the tape.

The same can be said for all types of hair extensions that are fitted to the hair. There will always be an element of damage caused, even if the damage is small. However, clip in extensions, hair toppers, wigs -everything that can be removed basically – works wonders for giving the illusion of thicker hair while you work on getting it stronger. Check out retailers such as Lilyhair for options, as it’s important to match your hair shade perfectly.

Hyularonic Acid Hair Mist

A hyularonic acid hair mist to plump up the hair is one of the newest styling products to come onto the scene. We’ve all heard about how great Hyaluronic acid is for the skin, firming, smoothing and hydrating, right? Well now it’s time for it to work it’s magic for hair, too!

Hyaluronic Acid will help to plump the hair, making it look and feel fuller. There’s one which is highly raved about on Amazon from a brand called OPTIMIZED. This hydrating mist is a favorite among reviewers because it plumps and boosts the hair, in addition to strengthening and moisturising strands without weighing them down.

Since it also contains pH-balanced, vitamin-rich ingredients like biotin, sea buckthorn, and coconut oil, you can even use it on your skin, too. You can find it here. I haven’t tried it yet, but just a heads up!

Thickening Cleansing and Conditioning Treatments

It sounds obvious, but the best way to get your hair growing back to it’s full potential again is to use specialist products which work to improve hair growth. Most of these cleanse and stimulate the scalp, as well as kicking the root of the hair into action.

Brands with cleanse your scalp and remove buildup that prohibits growth, as well as containing super ingredients to encourage growth include Grow Gorgeous and Nioxin. I’ve used both these brands before and have been super happy with the reviews. Grow Gorgeous also have a fabulous scalp serum – my reviews can be found all over the blog but here’s one of them.

Coloured Hair Help

If you regularly bleach your hair or colour it often, look at using intense conditioning treatments which work on mending the bonds of your hair and strengthening them when they are in constant contact with bleach.

Regularly bleached hair will snap often and frizz up, looking and feeling weaker. I’d like to think everyone is clued up on how harsh bleach can be (and yet I still turn to bleach!) so I won’t lecture about it, but using Olaplex can be a fantastic help.

Again, Olaplex is a product I’ve had great results from using before washing my hair, letting it absorb into my hair during the weeks between freshening up my colour. They also have a shampoo and conditioner now as well as a treatment. The downfall is the price, it’s quite hefty… however… I do feel like if you’re going to splash out for results, this is 100% worth it. I’ve reviewed Olaplex shampoo and conditioner here and the treatment here, although I am due to do a new review of this as I still use it to this day.

Wet Brush or Tangle Teezer

You honestly can’t beat the Tangle Teezer or the Wet Brush when it comes to detangling. The bristles are soft and flexible on both, and get through tangled fine hair better than anything else. They both easily glide through your tresses without ripping and tearing.

Both come available in a wide variety of colours, and are super affordable. I stock up and have a few knocking around my house and handbags!

The tangle teezer is possibly the best for me overall, as this tool minimizes breakage and damage when brushing especially thin hair. When hair is damp, it glides through effortlessly.

A Hair Scalp Massager

A really good tool to have, whether you use a standard head massager at home just when you’re simply chilling out and relaxing, working it through the scalp, or during shampooing. Either way, increasing the blood flow is an essential step for promoting faster, thicken hair growth.

Also, when you shampoo your hair, make sure you are really massaging your scalp to get blood circulating. So many of us carry all of our stress in our heads, too. The Maxsoft scalp brush is an Amazon cult favorite because it helps you achieve a deep, relaxing cleansing every time you shower. I haven’t tried it but again, I’ve heard great things! The soft silicone bristles encourage circulation, remove buildup, and help your shampoo clean better, while the ergonomic handle is comfortable and waterproof. Choose from three colors.

A High-Quality Heat Protector Spray

Protecting your hair is so important, especially as we all turn to heat products to straighten, curl, wave and whatever we fancy doing! Also, blow dryers force a tremendous amount of heat on your hair, and it’s not practical for people to just quit using them.

However, a good thermal protector will coat the hair and help to create a barrier against high heat. My favourite is from Joico, I haven’t put an article together on here as I tend to rave about it over on my Instagram, but I did rave about their other products a year or so ago here.

Any I’ve missed off? If there’s any tips I should have included, do let me know, or if you have found anything quite magical to help along your hair growth!

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