Discovering JOICO and JOICO Brilliant Glow Brightening Oil

I absolutely love being blonde, but more so over the past 12 months, I’ve really struggled to keep the brassy tones away. Purple shampoos have been my life saver, and I honestly couldn’t live without them, but they still don’t seem to totally stop that dull, lack lustre look taking over my hair months after I’ve had it coloured.

To me, blonde hair is so beautiful because it brightens up a persons complexion. It gives this touch of luminosity to a face, and even adds that healthy glow and Summer vibes we all want to radiate.

But after bleaching, going for a balayage effect, having blonde put over the balayage, having tints added… etc etc… I’m sometimes left with anything but fresh, bright looking colour.

I heard about Joico a while ago, but never tried the range out until I was kindly gifted a set of products for the launch of their Joico Blonde Life Brilliant Glow Brightening Oil. I’m always open to discover new products that really care for blonde hair, so I was pretty excited to start using these products over the Christmas period.

Joico describe this Brilliant Glow Brightening Oil as ‘a blast of crystal-clear shine and softness — the kind of gorgeous illumination that puts a powerful spotlight on blondes. Just a single application of Brilliant Glow Brightening Oil instantly revs up the radiance of even the lightest hair, nourishing and protecting each delicate strand with a mega-watt gleam.

I do love a good serum style oil product to apply when my hair is damp. Especially one that is packed with shine-boosting properties and seals in moisture, leaving frizz behind. But if it can be targeted to work on blonde tones, even better!

I apply around 1-2 drops onto damp hair before drying, as my hair is quite fine so I didn’t want it to weigh it down or create a greasy look. The first thing I noticed is that when blowdrying (I always use my fingers, then a tangle teeze more towards the end), my hair felt instantly silky through my fingertips and almost as if less breakage was happening.

When my hair is dry, I can see a slight transformation with the texture of my hair. Those ‘puffy’ strands of broken, over-bleached hair that are uncontrollable are much more tamed, and again when I run my fingers through the strands, it’s sooooo soft and feels moisturised.

But the nicest thing to notice is that Joico are right when they say this oil adds that bright illumination to blonde hair. My blonde looks refreshed and a little more ‘brought to life’. It doesn’t dramatically change the tone or make it look like it’s just been highlighted (have you seen these photos – I literally have 3 months worth of dark root!) but so much more shine, health and glow to it.

It’s a lovely hair oil which is super caring for my hair, really nourishing as I blow dry. A little goes such a long way! Like I say, I only use 1-2 drops with having fine hair, and that is basically alllll I need. Anymore would weigh it down.

I have been using the oil in conjunction with the Brightening Shampoo, Brightening Conditioner and the Brightening Hair Mask, which I feel is really helping to give an all over brighter feel. The Brightening Shampoo is an absolutely fantastic cleanser – I literally feel like it strips any build up and dirt away and gives me the cleanest hair of my life!

I’d say that if you have bleached or multi toned blonde hair, these products are going to give you that super clean, moisturised, and brighter blonde. They don’t magically change the tone of your hair like purple shampoos do, they more or less work together to get rid of dulling agents, nourish and moisturise, prevent damage and soften any damage you currently have, and give that fresh glow to your locks.

So far, I’m more than happy!

You can buy Joico here at Amazon.

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