Here’s What Worked For Me When Trying To Grow My Hair

So many people ask me about products or tips on growing hair, that it always amuses me a little. I’m usually the one asking other people for hair growing advice, so when people turn to me for it, I’m always so shocked. I’d love to thicken up my tresses, as my hair is incredibly fine and it really bothers me that it just gets thinner year after year.

But when it comes to length, I guess I don’t struggle with growing it. But it took a while for me to learn what really works for me and my hair, before I could confidently pass on any advice to others.

As I received a couple of messages about hair over the Christmas break over on my Instagram, I thought I’d put this post together sharing the hair growing hacks that I find really do work.

Lets take a good look…

Grow Gorgeous Hair Products Really Do Work

Before I finally became a full time blogger, after 8 years of running What Emma Did, I used to work for The Hut Group in Beauty PR. One of the brands at THG is Grow Gorgeous, a hair growth brand which helps aid growth and density for all hair types.

I have to say that I’m yet to find a brand which kick starts sluggish growth and promotes healthy hair like it, and I’m honestly not biased. I just learnt a lot about the products and the ingredients, and have recently topped up my collection.

What I will say is that the Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum Intense is the best if you want to see a speedy improvement. It is packed with high concentrations of the most effective ingredients, expertly formulated with an extra 3% concentration of caffeine to really advance the benefits.

There‚Äôs also an addition of hair-boosting zinc, a unique glucose compound and glycine, a key amino acid for hair health. You simply apply around 20 drops to the scalp at night, and massage it into the scalp properly. You could use it twice a day, but I find it does make the hair a little greasy (it doesn’t with all hair types, but my fine, mousey coloured roots really do show the effects!) so I just stick to once a day.

Image from Instagram @growgorgeoushaircare

I notice growth and density results with this after about 6 weeks, but they do say you can see them after 4 weeks. The majority results prove this products increases the thickness of each hair strand by 13% – so it’s definitley one to try out.

I’ve also been using their haircare range to go alongside the serum, which includes the Thickening Hair and Scalp Mask, a new favourite of mine. This unique multi-mask is enriched with Amino Acids, Pea Peptide, Caffeine, Biotin and Niacinamide leaving to boost thin hair, creating a fuller feel. It definitely makes the strands feel thicker to touch after I’ve been using it a couple of times.

Another of their products which I’d rave about, but I’ve only used mini samples so I could really do with investing in the full size to properly review, is the Grow Gorgeous Intense Shampoo and Conditioner Duo.

These have been expertly formulated with botanic extracts and advanced scientific complexes, working in tandem to re-strengthen hair follicles and intensively hydrate them. They look after colour and heat damaged hair too, which is why I feel I could do with adding them into my daily regime.

Supplements Can Massively Help

People sometimes pull their faces at using supplements, but as long as they are produced professionally and contain a safe belnd of vitamins and hair boosting nutrients, you can’t really go wrong if you take them sensibly.

New Nordic have recently sent me a selection of their products to try out, which include Hair Volume Gummies with Biotin and Zinc, Apples and Herbs, Hair Volume supplements which feature horsetail, and also Nail Strong capsules too.

I’m eager to try these, but I’m currently using this magic bottle from MyVitamins at the moment which also seems to be doing the job. So I’m going to wait until they run out before trying a new supplement.

But remember, as long as there is a safe amount of Biotin, Zinc and all your standard vitamins and herbs, you can see results from supplements as they basically increase the amount of vitamins needed to kick start sluggish hair growth, and encourage faster growth.

MyVitamins Coconut and Collagen Supplements

I first purchased these Coconut and Collagen supplements as they aim to harness your beauty from within. They contain a blend of collagen, coconut oil, and vitamin C, which are essential for not just hair, but skin and nails too.

I take two capsules a day in the morning, after reading so many positive reviews of these online. For the science-y bit, they contain type I and III hydrolysed collagen to improve bioavailability, and coconut oil as a natural source of medium-chain-triglycerides.

Then, they have added vitamin C which helps to support the formation of collagen 1 in the body and maintain the condition of our skin.

I noticed faster growing hair, improved thickness, and less hair fall after around 6 weeks of taking these, and now it’s been around 3 months on them and I seriously love them. I can’t say that I’ve seen such a rapid improvement in my skin – especially my acne breakouts – although it definitely hasn’t done any harm.

My skin is pretty much controlled and I’m not horrendously breaking out like I was before, but I feel I see the hair results much more than the skin up to now.

So there you go, just a few ways I feel my hair has kick started it’s growth again. I will say that Biotin supplements are brilliant, but these do tend to give my skin little breakouts, so I have to use them very rarely. However soooo many people rave about it as the key ingredient for fast hair growth, and it doesn’t give everyone acne (trust me to be in the minority!).

Let me know if you have any tips you swear by that I’ve missed off!

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