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A couple of days ago, I blogged about my experience at the Trevor Sorbie salon in Manchester, where I treated my locks to a little bit of hair lightening (you can read about it all over here). It was there, during my hair colouring session, that I learnt about a treatment called Olaplex which is designed to repair over-treated blonde hair.

If any fellow blondies are reading this, you’ll know just how darn annoying it is that the process of keeping our blonde locks fresh and bright comes with a price. I have to admit, after years of bleaching and highlighting, I’m pretty good at keeping on top of the condition. I try to give myself weekly deep conditioning treatments, and limit the amount of heat I apply to my hair by rarely straightening or curling. However, it still remains ridiculously dry and ‘parched’, breaking off in places and generally just resembling a birds nest at times! I’m sure a few of you reading this can relate to this feeling…

So my knowledge of Olaplex before this visit (and this might be a lot of other’s too) is that of when Kim Kardashian went from jet black hair to bleach blonde. She was apparently rumored to have undergone an Olaplex treatment to lift the hair that many levels lighter, to reduce the risk of breakage and damage. I knew it was a mircale treatment to have in-salon, but what I didn’t know is that there is an actual Olaplex treatment you can carry out yourself at home too!

The product I managed to get my hands on is the Olaplex No 3 at home treatment – a little bottle of product to use once a week. The best way to use it is to apply to damp hair, and leave on for at least ten minute. I then comb it through to spread it out across my entire hair, and then wrap it in a warm towel to really let the product sink in. I then rinse the product out, and follow with shampooing and conditioning as normal.

I have to admit I was skeptical at first, as my hair is just so broken and dry -especially on one side. All I could think was that surely it would just work the same as an average deep conditioner I normally use, right? But from the very first treatment, I really did notice an obvious improvement with the conditioner of my hair. I think I have finally found my ultimate saviour product…

Don’t get me wrong: it wasn’t too obvious and no complete miracle turn around on the first go, but the area of extreme damage which usually appears a mass of frizz was much more manageable than before, with a tamer look and a smoother feel. I became even more impressed the second time I used this, which was around 6 days after the first application, when the results were much more intense than the first.

Literally, the areas of dry, broken and damaged hair appeared so much more stronger than before, with a lovely, silkier feel. That usual dread I get when I finish towel drying my hair and attempt to work a detangling brush through my locks soon vanished, as I realised that knotty mess that usually sits around the damaged areas was much smaller.

The next time I use it, I’m going to give it a real deep treatment by leaving on for around half an hour, and seeing just how much more moisturised and nourished my hair feels then, on the third go.

olaplex hair
I’m really loving using this treatment, and then blow-drying my hair upside down, followed by a session with the curling tongues. As my hair seems to look and feel much healthier and smoother, my hair is taking to the curling tongue much easier, giving me a head of glossy waves, like the above photo.

Up to now, I can only rave about this product and recommend it to any one with overly bleached blonde hair. It’s brilliant for those who feel like giving up on ever achieving a head of nourished and good conditioned hair. It’s a little pricey, costing anything from £20 to £50 for any of the Olaplex treatment products depending on the size, but up to now, I would hand on heart say that the No 3 bottle is really really worth it.

I’ll continue to use it and keep you all posted!

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