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So they say a girl can never have too many friends, but I think I have realised there is actually a teeny tiny downfall to this statement. A girl can never have too many birthdays to buy for! And that is definitely the situation with me this year.

Ever feel like as much as you love your gal pals to bits (which I sure do), there is always something cropping up to buy for? Birthdays, Baby Showers, Christenings, Weddings, Anniversaries… and the more friends you have, the more common this becomes. At present, I’m averaging at around 20% of my wage each month to friends celebrations and occasions.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love it, and I wouldn’t cut down the number of my buddies for anything in the world, but boy can it get expensive. So lets take a look at some ways to keep this a little more controllable. I’ve rounded-up some cute, affordable gift ideas which may spark some other creative ideas for you when it comes to shopping thoughtful gifts…

camera gifts
1. Quirky Gadgets and Digital Cameras
As much as some of us try to deny our obsession, we have to accept that we are actually in a total tech, media and online obsessive world. Therefore, most of us ‘need’ these type of items without realising it. Digital cameras, Polaroids, selfie sticks and iPhone holders are essentials now, and make brilliant gifts for today’s girls. I recently received a fantastic Fujifilm Instax camera, which delivers little instant photos for me to pin around my house, on my notice board, or pop in my purse. They also make fantastic little add-on gifts – why not pop some instant photos of you and your bestie into a birthday card for a personal touch? The FujiFilm instax mini 8 costs around £65 and comes in 7 super cute colours, including baby pink. I love the white one personally!

birthday gifts
birthday gifts for girls
2. Postcards
You may be reading this and thinking ‘postcards?’, but I don’t mean the one’s you pick up from your personal travels. Think of an interest that your gal pal has, such as fashion. Penguin developed a box of postcards all representing the 100 iconic covers of VOGUE magazine, which come gift boxed in a pretty little case. Something like this shows real thought and consideration, and is an affordable gift on it’s own.

fujifilm instamax

3. Eternity Rose
Now this is a gift with a little bit of a difference. Whilst researching online for beautiful and special keepsake gifts, I came across The Eternity Rose – a brand who retail the unique gift of flowers and jewellery combined together. Each rose is an actual real rose that is picked at the peak of perfection. The rose is then hand-dipped in silver, gold, or platinum to preserve its natural beauty. They also offer natural Eternity Roses in a variety of colours that are preserved with a clear glaze. To complete this super special gift idea, they come gift boxed in a velvet lined box for the ultimate premium look. Opting for an Eternity Rose lets you gift a life-long reminder to your friend/family member of the love and thought you invested into choosing this gift. I’ve personally never seen anything similar to these before, and they really are a gift that goes that extra mile. Take a look at The Eternity Rose website for details, and also some of products individually, such as this Silver Dipped Natural Rose. They also do pretty earrings too, like the ones below:


4. Natural Beauty Products
OK so I know we often gift beauty, hair and skincare products on a regular basis, and it’s nothing ‘unique’ nowadays. However, everyone is fast becoming much more aware of natural and cruelty-free beauty, and even those who are not too focused on it are even starting to look out for products that are SLS free. SLS is basically a substance added to beauty products to give them a foam, which in our minds tell us they are doing their job much more properly, but in essence, you don’t need a fake foam to effectively cleanse.

I recently came across the gorgeous Evolve Beauty brand, which not only contains 100% natural ingredients, it also has the loveliest modern, chic packaging…

evolve beauty
evolve beauty
An organic, super-food based brand, Evolve is an artisan producer of organic and natural skin, body and hair products. All products are hand-crafted using natural and organic oils, butters and natural superfoods sourced from around the world, as well as being vegan and cruelty free. Phew – they have pretty much nailed every aspect of natural beauty on the head.

I’ve been using the Sunless Glow Body Lotion this week, which is a gradual tanner containing pomegranate, shea butter and aloe vera to name a few. It contains nothing ‘nasty’ to develop tinted skin. Just pure, natural properties. They also retail some other fantastic products such as Hyaluronic Serum (which is currently being raved about for aging and moisturising) and a Glow Mask, which your girlfriends would love to receive as presents!

yes to beauty
yes to beauty
yes to beauty
yes to beauty
Another lovely brand worth bearing in mind for natural beauty gifts is Yes To – a veggie powered beauty brand line offering 6 fantastic ranges. These include Yes to™ Carrots (for normal skin types), Yes to™ Tomatoes (for combination-oily skin tones), Yes to™ Blueberries (for mature skin), Yes to™ Cucumbers (for sensitive skin), Yes to™ Coconuts (for dry skin types) and Yes to™ Grapefruit (for brightening). Each range uses a different fruits or veggies to deliver benefits for every skin and hair type. Why not ask your friend what skin/hair type she has, and treat her to some all natural beauty products?

They smell incredible due to the heavy focus on fresh fruit and vegetables! My favourite so far is the Blueberry and Lavender Body Wash – so rich and heavenly scented, leaving skin super clean and smooth. They also have a coconut range which I haven’t tried yet, but that’s potentially an idea for me in terms of a friends up-coming birthday…

I could go on forever and recommend so many more ideas, such as personalised photo albums packed with all your favourite memories of you and your friend, hand-made friendship bracelets (yes I know this is playground stuff but how cute would this be? Boho jewellery is so in right now too!) or even a bit of baking, packaged up in a box labelled with photos of your friendship, or your favourite quotes.

Let me know if you have any great ideas to share too!



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