Beauty: Top Beauty Hacks For Days When You Sleep In

We’ve all done it. The alarm goes off and you sleepily turn it off in favour of a few more minutes in the land of Nod. Then, an hour later, you wake up and realize you have less than ten minutes to get out of the house. The other scenario is that you don’t even wake up when the alarm goes off, or forget to set it in the first place. Yep – a real nightmare!

Luckily, all is not lost if you sleep late, although it might not feel like it if you have an important day ahead at work, to or an important meeting to attend. Here are a few simple beauty hacks for women who need to look their best… in less than ten minutes.

Skip the shower
It’s not always nice to skip a morning shower, but if you are running seriously late, you might have no choice. A quick alternative to a morning shower is to have a quick wash in the sink. Use a clean, hot flannel and give the important bits a wipe. You will feel a lot fresher and it’s better than nothing. The other method that works well in a hurry is to utilize a pack of baby-wipes. Keep a pack of lightly fragranced wipes to hand- they are great for babies, so they won’t do you any harm either!

dry shampoo

Use dry shampoo
Make dry shampoo your new best friend. Our mothers and grandmothers used to use talc to dry up greasy roots, but we have the joy of dry shampoo, so embrace it! A bottle of dry shampoo will restore life to your hair in a few seconds. Target the roots, rub in thoroughly, and brush the product out. Check out this link for the top dry shampoo for women if you need some convincing…

Rock a ponytail
Long hair can be high maintenance, so rather than cry about missing your usual shower, blow-dry and hair straightener routine, pull your tresses up into a fashionable ponytail instead. That way you won’t have to suffer the shame of a bad hair day at the office. It’s very on trend at the moment to rock a pony right at the top of your head, or wrap it round to create a top-knot.

Tinted moisturiser
Tinted moisturiser is a good fallback solution if you don’t have time to apply a full face of foundation. Give your face a quick wash and then slap on some tinted moisturizer. It will even out your skin tone and moisturize at the same time, giving you a little bit of coverage. Bring it with you to also reapply later in the day if necessary. The only time this hack won’t work is if you have bad blemishes, in which a heavier concealer may have to be used.


Eyeliner Stencil
Applying eyeliner in a hurry is usually a recipe for disaster. One way to avoid being a laughing stock because of panda eyes is to create a simple eyeliner stencil. Cut out a stencil from a small piece of paper and use it to create the perfect eye line. It’s foolproof. Check out Pinterest for some stencil ideas if this is a bit creative for you!

Emergency Makeup
Always keep a supply of essential makeup items in your desk drawer. You will be able to apply mascara and lipstick on the move, but anything more could be challenging. Keeping some extras at work will enable you to do a better job when you arrive, and it doesn’t have to be much. A cream blusher than doubles up as a lipstick and a fail safe foundation is sometimes all you need to get through the day.

If the worst happens and you don’t have time to do anything other than get dressed, don’t worry, the ‘natural’ look is good for your skin! Think about keeping a full coverage concealer and compact mirror in your handbag at all times, for those days where you really do get caught out…

*This post has been produced by a guest beauty writer.

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