How To Help Your Hair Become Less Greasy

One thing I’ve noticed since not washing my hair as much over the past few months is wow, this hair sure gets greasy quick.

Some people are born with naturally greasy hair. Their scalps produce more oil than others, and they have to wash their hair everyday, For me, by day two, my hair looks flat with lightly greasy roots. By day 3, it’s practically stuck to my head.

I remember owning dry shampoo when I was in high school in the few few years, and I don’t feel that anyone else really did!

When you suffer from greasy hair, it is difficult to get hair volume instantly. The grease makes it heavier, thus having sleek, flat hair.

If you’re like me, you may be have had years of trying and failing to get your roots to play properly. Maybe you’ve just accepted that greasy hair is a thing that will stay. So, I’ve been ploughing some spare time into researching this area, and here’s a couple of things I’ve found that may help us train our hair to become less greasy.

Space out your washes

One of the first tricks is to try and space out your hair washes to stop your scalp from going into fast drive motion. This means that the more often you wash your hair, your scalp gets used to it and it will produce more oils. Remember that over-washing causes your hair will make your hair naturally become more oily, so it’s about re-training it to be in a more spaced out routine.

It may sound weird but the less often you wash your hair, the less your scalp will feel like is has to start producing oils. It will take a few weeks to train it fully, but trust me, it works apparently! Start by leaving one day in-between washes, and then after a few weeks, space it out to another day.

Another benefit of doing this is that it helps to solve your hair loss problems too. Washing your hair too often can be detrimental for this!

Be aware of products

This one is a no-brainer: the heavier and thicker the product, the more it will give the greasy appearance or make your hair and scalp more clogged and heavier, thus creating more grease. This is products like anti frizz serums, straightening creams, any gel forms – anything really that is aimed to weigh the hair down.

There is nothing wrong with dry shampoo though! You can keep using this as it is always lightweight with a fine texture, and you can use as little or as much as you need (too much looks chalky though and can make your scalp itch).

Clarify your scalp

If you haven’t thought about it yet, look at detox shampoos and clarifying shampoos to use every now and again to fully remove any build up. Products like dry shampoo can slowly clog up on your scalp, and regular shampoos don’t always remove any last bit of build-up the same way that these shampoos do.

Along with completely refreshing your scalp, they also help to rebalance the PH levels of your scalp, without stripping away key oils or stripping down the hair strands.

Natural rememdies

There is always natural rememdies for most situations with hair and ebauty! If you’re keen to try, look at apple cider vinegar because it really helps when it comes to killing off bacteria and fungus that may live on the scalp. Everyone is prone to it, no matter how clean you are.

Start by mixing 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar into a spray bottle and spritz lightly onto your scalp. Leave for 2-3 minutes and wash out.

A lot of resources recommend using tea tree oil applied to the scalp too to kill off anything that may be encouraging oil, as it controls oils in the same way it helps control serum which causes oily skin and acne on the face.

Just remember to dilute a few drops in water, and again, mist lightly onto the hair. Massage into scalp and then wash out. and spray into your hair, or apply a couple of drops directly into fingertips and massage into your scalp for a few minutes.

Minimise brushing

It’s easy to keep brushing when you don’t like the look of your hair – especially when looking greasy, But overbrushing over-stimulates the scalp, which in time, makes the problem worse.

Look at brushes with natural bristles, and gentle combs that you can use on the hair lengths.

Reduce use of tools

It goes without saying: the more you touch and play with your hair, the more grime and dirt you are attracting, which makes the hair look greasier. Avoid handling your hair as much as possible!

The same goes for heated tools and applicances. Reduce the usage of hair straighteners and hair curling wands, and even professional hairdryers. They cause excess damage which gives the oil on your scalp a way to travel downwards to your hair, especially as you pulling your hair down when you are using these tools.

If there are any tips I’ve missed out, feel free to let me know below!

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