The Hair Styles We’ll Be Asking for When We’re Back at the Salon

There has been so much excitable talk around what the first thing is we’re going to do when lockdown is lifted. For some, it might be booking in to get their nails done; those nails have never looked so bare and brittle!

For others, they might be excited to get a facial, and get those dead skin cells professionally sloughed away. But I think the one that wins above all is that trip to the hairdressers – we can’t get back to our trusty hair stylists quick enough!

I for one am anxiously awaiting some one-on-one time with my hairdresser. My roots are horrendous, and I literally can’t wait to be sat in the hot seat, head full of foils and a pair of scissors skimming my hair, giving me a good chunky blunt cut.

I’ve managed to get through lockdown by either tying my hair up in a top knot bun, or treating myself to the best human hair extensions to add volume and thickness while my ends have been rattyu.

It’s been said that everyone is going to be rushing for a fresh cut, colour, refresh and blow dry—let’s not forget about deep conditioning treatments too, and toners!

You might be reading this thinking chill out girl – there’s more important things after lockdown than hair. And yes, to an extent that it true. But us women have had to learn how to live with our natural colours (greys, dark roots, the lots!), rock around the house with scraggy ends, and batle the frizz ourselves!

Here’s some inspiration for when you finally get back to the salon:

Look at fresh cut trends

For that first visit back at the hair salon, it’s worth looking at some real good cuts to get rid of months of growth, plus, it could be an ideal time to invest in a new haircut style. These are some that you may benefit from that are soaring the Summer hair charts:

Short, Pixie Crop – if you have hair which skims your ears or chin, it will potentially be looking very long and scraggy right now! Outgrown short hair kinda sticks out and flicks out, so a short, polished pixie crop might be the best step.

If you’re happy with the shape of your face, have cheekbones and more of an oval face, you’ll automatically suit this style. Plus, it’s super on trend. If you do step up your brave side and do this, and you really don’t like the results, remember there are an array of glueless full stretchable wigs you can use while it grows out!

Shoulder-Length Blunt Bob – The blunt mid length bob is still one of the most requested hair cuts, and it’s going now where. An especially good hair choice for those with longer locks that have massively become outgrown, whispy, and flat looking, a nice choppy shoulder skimming cut will instantly add thickness and volume.

Any hair colour and hair type suits this style. Wavy locks become more voluminous, and straight hair sits on the shoulder with a little flick, looking cute and trendy.

Long Layered Fringe – If you’ve never dared have a fring before, now is a great time to experiment with a layered, whispier style fringe which can be parted, clipped up, or sweeping across the forehead and face. Longer fringes add movement and texture to the hair, which will have hugely been lacking throughout lockdown.

Refresh your colour and go tonal

The first thing you’ll think about is getting your existing colour touched up on your roots. But hold on for a second – could you completely overhaul the colour with a different tone? Or, could you bring in other tonal shades to give more dimension and shine? Here’s the most popular shades:

Bright Blonde – Those ashy, white, purple toned blonde tones are huge right now. It’s out with the warm, brassier tones, and in with the cool, bright blondes.

If you are a dark blonde or a highlighted blonde lady, look at getting ashy, platinum blonde shades dragged through the hair and blended into the root. Opt for a violet toner, and rock that icy white blonde hair!

Blonde Balayage – Blonde balayage is the easiest style to keep up with. Remember that most of us won’t be able to afford expensive hair salons regularly after lockdown due to slashes wages or even job losses. Plus, if lockdown has taught us one thing, it’s to embrace a root blend!

A clean, bright blonde balayage is a great colour choice for blonde hair maintenance.

Brunette Balayage – For those who have mousey hair or a range of brunette tones, opting for a brunette balayage is a great shout. You can keep your roots dark and rich, with flowing shades of warm brown mixed with caramel brown to add dimension to the lengths. This way, you can grow your dark roots naturally without looking like you’ve just ignored your hair for months!

Copper Red – Those who have dark hair and are keen to liven it up after months of letting your colour fade, should look at copper red. This colour is hugely on trend and nothing looks more electric than flashes of shimmering deep red. It brightens the complexion and looks more fun and youthful!

Look at new hairstyles

And last but not least, embrace a new hair style! If you’re anything like me, you’ll have been rocking that ponytail throughout lockdown (or scraggy unbrushed hair!). Try some of these styles…

Old Hollywood Waves – the biggest curl and wave trend to hit 2020! Remember those glamorous pin-up style Hollywood waves from the 40’s? These are now back, giving hair that even, pronounced wave look. The style is created by curling each strand and then setting into a pin curl. It’s a tricky style to learn, so I’d advise watching your style doing it first and then practice at home!

Loose, Beachy Waves – if you’re looking for an easier to achieve and maintain style, look no further than loose, beachy waves. These can be achieved with various types of hair wands – large barrels, tighter barrels, and even ghd devices. The key is to keep the look quite loose and messy – wrap hair around the wand in different directions per section of hair. It’s not perfect – it’s more ‘just done’ and flowing!

Now, I race you to that salon!

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