Keeping On Top of Balayage Hair During Lockdown

I’m so happy to see that everyone is adhering to the stay at home and stay alert rules (well, almost everyone!), despite it being a hard task for most of us. It’s so important to stay home as much as physically possible, and try to get on with our lives the best we can from our own home.

Quarantine life, or lockdown life, whichever you wish to call it, has us doing some crazy things. Even though it’s now been lifted a little, it’s still meaning a lot of the things we did normally are being adapted differently. For example, last week I helped my other half, Martin, cut his hair with a razor, which I was literally shaking when the razor was in my hand. I’m really dreading another 4 weeks passing when he needs my assistance again!

On the topic of hair, it’s slightly easier for me to keep on top of mine as I have a lightly blended root going into a blonde balayage, but it’s not half ‘fading’ and going a little too warm. Blonde hair can get real dull quickly, so I’ve decided if I can’t get to the salon to keep it fresh and bright, I need to step up my game at home.

I’m also wanting to grow my hair, but can’t get trims to make it look thicker or healthier in-between. I’ve found that by using clip in hair extensions and tying the hair up with a silk bobble is a way I’ve been working around this, hiding my ratty ends and letting my natural hair grow ‘into’ the false hair. This only works is you use the best human hair extensions of a great quality, so that natural hair blends into the high quality human hair seamlessly.

The below products are what I’ve been using – or starting to use from now – to keep this balayage looking as nice as it possibly can!

John Frieda Go Blonder Shampoo & Conditioner

So I recently purchased the John Frieda Go Lighter controlled spray 2 weeks ago, in which I’ll be honest, I’ve held off using as I was a little scared. I worried about warm, brassy roots, but then I realised that if I only applied this once a week maximum onto the mid lengths and ends of the hair, it will lighten what is already blonde. Then, occasionally I’ll spritz lightly onto where the root blends into the blonde to keep it a touch more golden/warm, blending nicely into my mousey brown root.

To go alongside with the spray, I now own the Shampoo and Conditoner from John Frieda Go Lighter range. The products work to create a lighter blonde, with the Lightening Shampoo renewing and refreshing blonde hair, giving it a healthy appearance and touch, without drying it out.

Of course, when you think about at home lightening products, drying out the hair is the first fear. I’ve just started to use all 3 of these products which don’t dry out the hair at all (the spray only will if you overuse it – so don’t do that!), and I’m so keen to share results with you all soon.

The range is super affordable for what the products offer. You can get them from Superdrug here.

Rita Hazan True Color for Blondes

I kindly received the two products in the photos below to review, and I’ll admit I stated off just using the Ultimate Shine Gloss first because it amazed me when I read the description.

Basically, you wash your hair with shampoo, then pump the golden tinted foam to hair after shampooing, in which you can leave on for as little or as long as you prefer, up to 3-4 minutes.

It smells like professional hair salons and works into wet/damp hair really easily. I started off using it for a minute, but now let it seep into my hair for around 3 minutes.

It doesn’t magically make you blonder, but it adds this incredible blonde shine to the hair, and I feel like my highlights dazzle and standout after I’ve used it. I loved it so much after the first go that I regularly shout out about it over on my Instagram.

Since falling in love with the gloss, I now finish off with the True Color conditioner, which is a creamy, thick, intense conditioner. The perfect pairing for keeping blonde hair bright, shiny and soft. You can find out more about Rita Hazan products here.

Cake Beauty The Posh Wash & Soft Serve

As I had hoped, the brand offer much more than just gorgeous bottles and indulgent names. The Posh Wash shampoo is a super luxury product to use, and because my blonde hair is pretty dry and I’ll be using subtle lightening products on it, I’ve found this a great one to use to keep my blonde soft, fresh, clean looking and moisturised.

I’ve been finishing off with the Soft Serve conditioner on alternative washes and again, it’s just a pleasure to use! Scented so lovely with real nourishing properties. My blonde hair is far from parched and frizzy after using this, as it’s more transformed into smooth, sleek and shiny blonde.

I’ve also been using a plumping product from Cake called The Thick Trick, which I apply before blow drying. It’s a mousse product which I massage into my hair (I use around 2 pumps, and work into the root first and then mid lengths), in which it lightly amplifies my hair in terms of volume.

My hair is super fine so nothing dramatically boosts it to become incredibly thicker, but if a product can add texture, movements and give the illusion of fuller looking hair, then that’s what makes me happy! And so far, this one is working a treat.

If you have really short hair, or broken, damaged hair from over bleaching or balayage gone wrong, and you want to use this lockdown time to grow your natural hair without colouring, trimming or anything else, you can always opt for options like wigs or cute headscarves. A great way to disguise new growth until you’re ready to style it up!

Balayage is potentially the best hair look – or a blonde root stretch – to keep your locks light without having to risk a lot of damage with root touch ups. It’s also the easiest to manage hair in lockdown – winner!

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