9 Great Food Hacks Every Student Should Know

Looking for the best ways to learn how to cook? Want to learn life hacks for students? Starting college or university is a new and exciting experience for everyone, although there’s nothing worse than not having a clue how to cook for yourself when you get there!

University is a great time to start making new friends and go through new experiences. If you live on campus, it can also mean growing up quickly. Leaving home for university does not mean all fun and no duties!

You start taking new responsibilities that include paying bills, managing your finances, and yes, cooking your own meals as well. So, ideally you need to learn how to get good at cooking and learn some great meal ideas for students – or at least know how to rustle up a decent oven meal!

There’s a weird stereotype of university students living on vodka, noodles, and takeaways, which is not true. Students come in all ages, and are actually very keen to take care of their health and needs. Students work out, they use gyms, they have jobs (well, not all of them of course). They do want to look after themselves, believe it or not!

So if you’re reading this and you’re a student, with the help of a few life hacks for students, you will be able to really stand on your own two feet. If you have ever lived alone and had to eat out, you know how hard it is to manage it on your own. So, what choice do you have?

Do not worry, we have your back and will teach you how to get good at cooking. All you have to do is grab your kitchen gear, have an idea about foods you want to be able to cook up, and follow our guide below which is full of little student life hacks. You’ll be surprised at how easy some of them are!

How to become good at cooking

Take a look at these best ways to learn how to cook. Remember, you will have ample time to work and study, as well as see friends, cook, socialise and chill out. If you struggle with time management for writing tasks, you can get help with your writing tasks online. There’s lots of things that can help, like saying you want to do my assignment with Edubirdie. The internet is amazing these days at speeding up research and writing tasks!

Thus, leaving more quality time in that kitchen,…

1. Get a quick food cookbook

As a student, there can be days when you have spent hours in lectures and classes. The last thing you might feel like doing is slaving over a hot stove for over an hour! Moreover, for the days when you do not feel like cooking, a 15-minute meal recipe book is a lifesaver. If you buy the right one, that has healthy, nutritional meals with ingredients we all have access to, you can be making some delicious meals in a short space of time.

Joe Wicks has some really good books that let you make easy meals in 15 minutes!

2. 2-ingredient pancakes

Surprised? Don’t be. You can easily make pancakes with just 2 ingredients. Plus, they’re gluten-free, low calorie, and super easy to make; all you need is two eggs and a banana and maybe a pinch of vanilla flavoring or cinnamon if you fancy. Blitz it with a handheld blender or processor then cook as you would a normal pancake. Serve with whatever you like and voila, another healthy breakfast!

3. Avocado Hack 

What do you do if you buy a very hard, unripe avocado that you would like to eat in the morning after a hectic day? All you need is a brown paper bag and 24 hours. Put the avocado in the paper bag, and after 24 hours, you will have a ripe, fresh avocado in your hands!

4. Buy herbs & Spices

One of the first things you’ll need to do after you move into your university dorm is to go to a supermarket. There you can explore all the herbs and find the flavours you love. Herbs and spices can liven up any dish, and transform the blandest of foods.

One of the most important life hacks for students is to buy herbs like garlic powder, mixed herbs, Cajun, paprika and curry powder. This can spice up tomato based sauces, or creamy ones – choice is yours.

Basic cooking tips

Let’s look at a few basic cooking tips that will help you during your life.

5. Meal ideas for students: Use stock

Stock is a healthy option for students, as it is full of nutrition and super easy to make. One of the student life hacks is that you can make stock out of literally anything. When you are cooking meat, all you have to do is take the extra juice out and put it in a saucepan.

Then, heat it until it boils. Don’t forget skimming off the top while doing it. Add in some vegetables and some of the herbs that you bought. Boil after straining. The stock makes a tasty side dish with veggies and herbs!

6. Making soup

The same kinda trick, but this time you can make soup out of the stock you just made. Just throw in some more vegetables and boil it a little longer to thicken it. You can add cornflour to thicken quicker too. Potatoes are a great addition to add to soups as well.

You can use the following vegetables to make soup:

·        Potatoes

·        Carrots

·        Peas

·        Cabbage

·        Onions

7. Save excess oil

Saving is never a bad idea, especially when it comes to using oil. When you save on oil, you not only save money that can be used somewhere else; you also save yourself from consuming cholesterol. Oil is fatty! Try to use a small amount when you cook, and you can always add a small touch of butter if more flavour is needed.

Using oil, garlic and butter in a pan is one of the best ways to learn how to cook tasty meats, pan fried veggies and homemade sauces are which are super simple.

8. Keep the kitchen organised

Organising your kitchen will help improve your student cooking skills, and steer you away from the messy student stereotype. Keeping things organised by investing in some storage jars and tupperware saves you a lot of time while cooking – especially when freezing leftovers, which is a really good idea!

Label your herbs to save time, and if you can, use nice clean transparent jars. Keep utensils together in a kitchen pot on the work surface, and try to keep plates stacked up in size order.

9. Get window herbs

Window herbs not only smell good but are also very economical. They can be used to make your kitchen feel and look fresh. Moreover, they are always there to garnish your food, and they come very cheap to buy, too!

Any tips we’ve missed off, feel free to share in the comments…

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