4 Beginner Makeup Tips You Can Start Doing Today

There are hundreds of makeup artists on YouTube – some out there have been doing tutorials for years and have millions of followers. They’re often referred to as “beauty gurus” or “beauty vloggers” – and as a blogger myself, I’ve been quite lucky to attend events and launches with a few of these.

The blogging and social media world is just the same. With over 500 million blogs live online, it’s hard to predict which ones are “beauty blogs,” but it’s a sizable amount. Those who have an obsession with makeup or are trained makeup artists have the freedom to share their makeup love via wordpress blogs or by creating their own sites (and of course, Instagram!)

While these blogs and YouTube videos are great for learning tips and tricks about makeup, skincare, and beauty, they often cater to people who already might be doing an advanced beauty routine. I’ve noticed some of them apply the products like a pro, and the results are somewhat ‘professional’.

So the question is: where do the girls who have zero clue whatsoever turn to?

With that in mind, let’s strip everything away for a second. If you don’t know much about how to do your makeup or take care of your skin, you’re certainly not alone! But, if you want to learn a few tips on where to start and begin grasping the art of makeup, you can start putting things into practice today with just a few simple tips. 

1. Invest in a Few High-Quality Items

Makeup products and brushes can be expensive. But, when you choose makeup from a brand you trust and you know you’re getting the best-quality cosmetics, it will go a long way. While choosing more budget-friendly items isn’t necessarily a bad thing – especially while you are practising- they typically won’t last as long and you might find that they don’t work the way you want them to. This means further down the line you will probably end up re-buying!

You don’t have to go out and buy a big set of brushes or the most expensive makeup. Look for a middle ground range, a selection that include around 10 brushes for the skin, cheeks and eyes that costs around £20-£25. If you want to save money, try investing in quality brushes that can be used for multiple steps of your makeup application, like a fluffy powder brush that works for both contouring and blusher (and even face powder, too).

Try to avoid buying from ebay if you can – there is nothing worse than makeup brushes where the bristles fall out, no matter how good a ‘copy’ the products look.

2. Invest in a Finishing Spray

If you’re going to invest in quality cosmetics, you’ll want to make sure your makeup stays on your face all day without looking like you’ve caked it on. Plus, if you have slightly dry skin, a dewy finishing spray gives your skin that extra dewy glow which looks fresh and healthy.

A finishing spray does exactly what it says; finishes your whole look. Applying a finishing spray will help your makeup to stay on longer throughout the day, and it will give you a glowing, fresh look that can make you feel refreshed. It’s something a lot of the professionals use, and it’s often a super easy hack for keeping your makeup looking great from day to night.

3. Apply Foundation in the Right Direction 

You’ve probably seen beauty gurus online applying foundation, and they make it look easy and flawless. Well, it is easy – but it’s important to do it the right way! 

When you’re applying your foundation, it’s important to use downward strokes. Everyone’s face has tiny, peach fuzz-like hairs all over it. If you gently touch your cheek with your fingertips right now, you’ll feel them. 

Applying your makeup with upward strokes will cause those hairs to stand up. At the most, that will cause them to be visible and make your face look, well – fuzzy! At the least, the hairs will keep you from having a perfectly smooth look. 

So, avoid the issue altogether by applying your foundation using downward strokes. The action will give you a smooth and flawless base to work with. 

4. Use a Correct Order for Putting On Makeup

There are different schools of thought on this, and you’ve probably seen beauty vloggers starting with different areas of their makeup when they’re doing a full face. You might think it’s a safe bet to start with your foundation. While there isn’t anything wrong with that, it’s often better to start with your eyes and brows. 

If you’re going for a dramatic eye look, apply your eyeshadow first, because no doubt you’ll be layering up, and the powders can fall onto the skin. Imagine if you’d just finished the perfect under eye concealer and pwoder application, then you had to wipe it away?

Once you start to know more about how different applications look on your face, you can even put foundation, concealer, and powder on at the end to cover up any flaws or any mistakes you may have made along the way. 

If in doubt, start with the eyes. Eyshadow and eye makeup products, brow products, and then begin your base. Lipstick should be the last finishing touch, before misting with finishing spray.

Use the Best Lighting and Don’t Be Afraid

A bonus tip? Use natural lighting. You’ve probably seen plenty of makeup artists using artificial lights, studio lights, ring lights etc. But, especially as a beginner, it’s important to use as much natural light as possible to get the most authentic look. Artificial lighting can tint your makeup a certain way, so it will look different when you’re applying it than it does in the real world. 

The most important piece of advice, though, is not to be afraid as you get started. Everyone was a beginner at one point. While beauty blogs and videos can sometimes feel intimidating to those just getting started, let them motivate you, instead! 

With the right tools, cosmetics, and a passion to start taking your makeup routine seriously each day, it won’t be long before you’re comfortable with not only applying a basic look, but experimenting with different things and having a lot of fun while doing it! Don’t be afraid to get creative and try different looks until you find the one that feels most like you. 

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