How to Make Your Bedroom Calm and Cozy

To get a proper night’s rest and be ready to go the next day, you’ll need a bedroom that’s fully conducive to it. Otherwise, you’re not doing yourself a good service at all. Especially if you struggle to sleep in general, in which the room you choose as your bedroom will play an even bigger part (there are some people who will fall to sleep anywhere but that’s not me!).

It’s necessary to create a calm oasis in the bedroom that’s without unnecessary distractions of all kinds. Also, it must feel cozy, otherwise, you won’t relax, which makes good sleep even harder to obtain.

Here are some suggestions on how to achieve this perfect state.

Is Your Bed Large Enough for You?

Whether you sleep alone every night or with a loved one, there must be enough space to feel comfortable. It has to be roomy and spacious to an extent that you have a comfortable space.

For Singletons

If there was a bed already in the home, maybe you just used that. Or, you picked up a mattress from a family member, or even a bed you’ve inherited since growing up.

You might not have even wondered whether the mattress was large enough for you. Especially if it always felt too cramped and you’ve been trying to ignore it for ages. Also, if you have inherited the bed from your childhood, is could massively need replacing. In case you are thinking of buying a new mattress, check out this guide from SleepStandards

For Couples

If you’ve been a couple for years but the mattress was a full size (a double, basically) and always felt too small, then it won’t help you when it comes to feeling comfy and relaxed. Your bed is an investment, and it’s always a good time to look at the different sizes of a mattress to get one that’s large enough for you both?

Also, if you bought a mattress a few years ago when you were single, it may have been large enough for you. However, is it too cramped now? People come in different shapes and body sizes, too! Replacing it with a king-size mattress might be the best move for your new living situation. Plus, you’ll never need to upgrade it again! You can buy king size bedding at OxfordHomeWare store which gives you lots of stylish choice.

Get the Temperature Right for All Seasons

The average temperature in the evening differs throughout the year with the seasons.

The reality is that we may use heating or cooling in response to the change in relative temperatures. As a result, the average evening temperature in the bedroom will differ. Unless paying special attention to it, it won’t be the same throughout the year and this can cause sleep difficulties.

To create a comfortable sleeping environment, plan ahead. Open the bedroom window slightly (if you’re on an upper floor and feel it’s safe to do so) to let a little breeze in if the sleeping area is too warm at night. If you don’t want to do this, use a central air system, or get a standing fan to cool the room down. Take these actions for an hour or so before bedtime. There is nothing worse than tossing and turning is a hot room!

Alternatively, if you’re hiding under the comforter because the bedroom isn’t warm enough, then adjust the thermostat higher. If you have a timer, perhaps increase the heat level an hour before and set it to drop a few degrees overnight when you’re already warm enough. You can also get different thickness duvets and under sheets which can help add some extra warmth.

Create a Peaceful Bedroom

Is the bedroom a little too cluttered with personal items, photos, and other extras?

This visual clutter may be contributing to not feeling as calm as necessary at night.The best way to be calm is to free your mind of any distractions. Creating a bedroom environment that’s a little more on the spartan side might do wonders for you. Avoid over personalising it.

Use Lampshades for Add Mood Lighting

Overhead lighting can be glaring in a bedroom. When lying down, it shines right into your eyes, and even when moderated, it isn’t ideal.

A better solution is to switch to only using lampshades in the evening. Add soft light bulbs to create a calming hue from the lamps that provide sufficient illumination while still feeling peaceful – dimming lights are also great for this.It’s also possible to get smartphone-controlled light bulbs to adjust the hue and illumination levels right from your bed.

It’s important to create a comfortable place where you can sleep well. Experiment with a few different approaches to find the ones that work best for you.

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