Original Mane N’ Tail Shampoo and Conditioner Review

I’ve heard about Mane N’ Tail products for a while, but in all honesty, really didn’t know enough about their products, or the brand in general. What I did know (or assumed, should I say) is that they were good enough to use on horses hair that needed extra strengthening and thickening properties.

So, when I was kindly gifted the shampoo and conditioner from their ‘original’ range, I was quite excited! My hair is fine, lacks volume and is pretty weak due to colouring and styling over the years.

When I received the rather chunky, bold coloured bottles, I did a bit of my own research and saw that The ORIGINAL is the horse to human crossover shampoo that helps to maintain and achieve fuller, stronger, longer, healthier-looking hair. Before I share my thoughts, remember that every ones hair type and texture is different, and I for one have bleached, fine hair which is naturally straight.

From the first use, one of the things I noticed after using both the shampoo and conditioner in tandem with each other is that my blonde highlighted hair had this immediate shine. Blonde hair looks dull often, and I usually use a gloss in between shampoo-ing and conditioning to give it that boost, or rely on shine infused products, like serums or mists.

The exclusive micro-enriched protein formula in these products are said to be what leaves the hair soft and shiny, and shine I certainly did see even from the first wash. Of course, it wasn’t a dazzling-hair-advert-blinding-shine as soon as I finished blow drying, because that would be quite hard to achieve on my bleached locks. It was more a subtle shine with movement, refreshing my hair and feeling super soft.

Now I know that some hair experts (and skin, for that matter) say it’s not all about the foam. And maybe it’s mind over matter, but I adore a product that gives a gentle yet rich, fragrant lather. It just feels like I’m deep cleansing the dirt and grime away and enhances my hair washing experience. It literally could just be how the mind works, but it’s something so important for me and my hair washing routine!

If you’re a fellow lather fan, this range provides that “down to the scalp” cleansing action for sure. The scent is lovely and fresh too.

As for the conditioner, one of the reasons I give this a thumbs up is because even though my hair is super fine and flat, it deep conditions but doesn’t give it that heavy feel. I wouldn’t leave it on the hair for longer than five minutes if you do have fine hair like me, because anything longer might start to leave it a little too over conditioned. 3-5 mins is perfect for a deep conditioner, and 1-2 for normal conditioning.

In my opinion, it looks as if those who have frizzy, dry, thick and wavy hair will get the most benefits out of this high quality conditioner. It’s packed with natural oils that treat dry, damaged and neglected hair, deeply conditioning and smoothing the hair. I read some reviews on the site from women with coarse, wiry and frizz prone hair who say this has totally strengthened and smoothed it all out.

I think the key take-aways for me if that my blonde, dry and thin hair often gets tangled, looks dull, and needs strengthening, in which these two products are absolutely fantastic for solving. I haven’t been using them long enough to comment on continuing strength and thickness, but so far (2-3 weeks in), my hair feels super manageable, healthy, shiny and soft. On the photos takes here, I haven’t brushed it with my usual tangle teezer (which is why it’s a little messy), but gives you an idea of what my hair looks like immediately after using them.

Mane N’ Tail retail various ranges, bot just the Original, so it could be there’s another set more tailored to you. Although I would be really surprised to hear of these products not working for someone – they seem so adaptable depending on how long you leave the conditioner on for!

You can find out more over on the Mane N’ Tail website here.

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