The Advanced Beauty Treatments You Can Do At Home

Sometimes you simply cannot visit the beauty salon to take a proper care of your hair, skin or body. Especially now, during the pandemic, it is basically impossible to be booking in at salons and prioritising your usual treatments.

However, beauty treatments done at home are becoming loads more popular. There are an abundance of DIY treatments you can do with a little bit of research, practise and skill, which give you professional results.

Make sure you have some professional and high quality products in, and beauty tools to carry out certain treatments. The below are some that with practice, you can start doing yourself!

Cavitation peeling – DIY facial

Cavitation is the process of turning water on our skin into millions of bubbles with the help of ultrasound. Bubbles gently pull dirt, debris and excess sebum from the skin’s surface. What’s more, cavitation stimulates microcirculation, removes dark circles under the eyes, closes vessels and perfectly prepares the complexion for skin care treatments.

Thanks to the peeling, our skin absorbs active substances more easily. The advantages of this treatment can be seen for a long time and it’s easy. It’s an ideal treatment to do at home if you have dull skin that needs a form of exfoliation.

To perform a cavitation peeling at home, you need to obtain the right equipment for its implementation. It can be easily purchased online. The device for cavitation peeling creates an ultrasonic wave, which is directed at wet skin causing the cavitation effect. Before contact with the device, the skin should be thoroughly cleaned and moisturized with saline, de-mineralised water or other substance adapted for cavitation.

The device that generates the ultrasonic wave is guided over moist skin. The ultrasonic wave in combination with the liquid forms bubbles, which in turn, due to increased pressure, vibrations and heat, grow and burst. The whole process cleans our skin, which suffers from large layers of calloused epidermis, toxins and sebaceous gland secretions.

The treatment, of course, is completely painless and has no side effects. People suffering from excessive skin contamination can undergo this treatment without major fear, because it is non-invasive. Furthermore, it does not interfere with the structure of the skin.

Hand and foot treatments without the help of a beautician

To take care of your hands and feet you do not need to use the services of a beautician, when you know how to do it right! You can professionally nourish, exfoliate and moisturise yourself, and you don’t need many expensive cosmetics or professional equipment to do that.

In pharmacies and drugstores you will find polyethylene, gloves and socks, which are filled with appropriate preparations, which, depending on the need, can exfoliate the skin, moisturize it and regenerate it. It’s a very convenient way to get surprising results in a short time.

The use of this type of hand and foot care product has many advantages:

  • Active ingredients contained in a specially prepared emulsion perfectly soften the epidermis and also moisturize the skin of hands, feet and nails.
  • The emulsion contains ingredients that exfoliate dead skin without damaging it, as is the case with various types of peels.
  • You do not need to use any additional oils, conditioners, creams, because the emulsion that is in the socks and gloves contains all the necessary ingredients for beautiful hands, feet and nails. Enriched with extracts that improve blood circulation, reduce skin bleeding and any discoloration on the hands and feet.
  • The treatment time is very short, from 15 to a maximum of 45 minutes.
  • Gloves and socks can be bought at super affordable prices, so the cost of the procedure is much lower than if it had been done in a beauty salon.

Sonophoresis at home

Sonophoresis sounds a little bizarre at first, but in fact it is not a very complicated procedure. The purpose of the treatment is to introduce active, medicinal or cosmetic substances into the deeper layers of the epidermis. Substances such as vitamins and peptides.

When injected with ultrasound, they cross the barrier which is the hydrolipid coat and cell membranes and penetrate into the living layers of the epidermis. Sonophoresis causing micromassage improves blood supply to the epidermis and regeneration of damaged tissues.

  •  It is a procedure that is worth doing from time to time because it:
  •  Brightens discoloration and stains,
  • Oxygenates and moisturizes the skin,
  • Improves ion exchange,
  • Increases the production of collagen,
  • Prepares the skin for further cosmetic procedures,
  • Rejuvenates the skin through a deep micro massage,
  • Accelerates the penetration and activation of cosmetics deep into the skin,
  • Improves the structure of scars,

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