Magnitone Super Naturals Skincare Range

One of my focuses this year, for 2020, is to talk more about beauty products with a natural element to them as I try to ease myself away from harsh ingredients.

It’s easier said than done for me. When you’ve had acne since being 15 (and now sit at the age of 33), many acids and harsher ingredients are often relied on to tame the angry red spots and ease the breakouts.

Saying that, skincare brands have become smarter, noticing the powers of natural ingredients to treat and work with a variety of skin concerns. Just like the health and well-being industry relies on essential oils, the skincare industry is turning to vitamins, plants, natural oils and earthy substances to offer skin friendly products.

I recently raved about my Magnitone device, which you can have a read of here if you like. I loved the results I saw from it so much so, I had to YouTube the hell out of it. And I’m useless at videos and don’t particularly enjoy YouTube much, so that shows how excited I was to discover the Magnitone cleansing device really did work.

Saying that, I wasn’t aware of a skincare line until this range of Magnitone SuperNaturals landed on my doorstep one day – a package full of natural, vegan friendly products. SLS and paraben free, it looked like Magnitone had seen my content surrounding my skin and it’s regular breakouts (my acne ridden skin!), with the selection tailored around reducing breakouts.

I’ve been using these since December, although a little on and off (the nature of my job means I do try out lots of brands, just keeping this in here for complete transparency, however there will be a main few that I return to and use until the bottles are empty!). I’m now coming to the end of the Zero-Shine, Anti Pollution Moisturiser and Vitamin Fix Intense Night Cream, which has now lead me to share my thoughts!

I only really come onto the blog to put a review together when I’m super happy with a product range, so this one made that list. Firstly, the eco friendly aspect pushed this range to the top of my list. I noticed the SuperNaturals Pore-ify Zero Shine Anti-Pollution Moisturiser contained natural minerals, like Magnesium and Zinc, which together create a powerful partnership to combat and absorb excess oil production.

Those with acne prone skin will know the frustrations of having an oily T-Zone, so I pleased to discover this daily lotion to combat my shine yet prevent skin and pore clogging. Zinc has always been one of my favourite ingredients to see in skincare, I find it works away to keep breakouts reduced, while keeping the complexion to it’s optimum health.

When I started to use this range, I stuck to a bit of a routine: I would use the Breakout Knockout Anti-oil gel cleanser daily in the morning, in which I would use the Wipe Out 100% Bamboo Microfibre cleansing cloth to remove the cleanser as a mini gentle exfoliation.

If you have acne marks or dull skin like I have, using a bamboo microfibre cloth daily is a safe, gentle and effective way to get your skin to speed up it’s renewal. You should see an improvement with clarity and brightness, and as skin cell renewal speeds up, it helps your products work that extra bit better!

After the cleansing step I was using the Zero-Shine, Mineral Moisturiser under my makeup to help protect skin from pollution and other free radicals (and keep shine at bay.) And then at night, I would use the Vitamin Fix Intense Night Cream.

I just want to add that for £10, this night cream is phenomenol! Brilliant value, as you have a whole multitude of powerful ingreidients – natural of course – working their magic within this luxe texture lotion.

It feels super rich and intense yet absorbs quickly, allowing it’s vitamin-formula to give skin a natural restorative boost whilst you sleep.

It contains Vitamin E which is naturally derived from Soy Beans helps to boost the skin’s repair system, Alpha-Hydroxy Acid, from golden crisp apples helps to rejuvenate the skin’s surface, whilst Bladderwrack, a coastal Seaweed Extract has a calming effect and Allantoin gets to work boosting the natural moisture content in skin. I love that it does all of this naturally!

One of what I like to call a ‘treat product’ from the range is the Peel and Purge Enzyme Clay Mask, which is designed to help soothe and treat oily, acne prone, open pore skin. Again, that’s me! It’s fairly rich so you only need to use once or twice a week maximum, where it’s natural ingredients help to purge and peel the skin. It’s mineral rich, with Amazonian Clay to help draw out impurities and oils from the pores, while the inclusion of Pumpkin seed extract helps to combat problematic oil production.

As I mentioned before, I’m all about fading red marks and increasing skin cell turnover, in which the delightful rich papain enzyme from PawPaw works wonders!

I had to throw in this FuzzOff device just because if anyone reading this is prone to crazy thick facial hair (for me i’m talking about my monobrow and upper lip area) and needs a handy and safe trimmer, this has worked really well for me. Now I know it’s not always advised to do this, I mean, plucking and waxing of course is best, but in between my eyebrow maintenance I’ll sometimes need to give my ‘monobrow’ a little whizz with this device to get rid of stubborn, poking through hairs.

It’s ideal for bikini lines too, although I have to say I kept this in my makeup bag in case I notice unsightly brow growth…

Overall thoughts on the Magnitone SuperNatural range is that for the price (looking at around £10 per product), ingredient list, packaging and effectiveness, it’s definitely a winner and only makes me feel more impressed with Magnitone as a skincare brand. I thought they could do no wrong with the cleansing devices, but it looks like they are doing just a solid job with their skincare.

One I would recommend to anyone looking for new natural skincare brands…

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