Magnitone Barefaced 2 3D Vibra-Sonic Cleansing and Toning Brush Review

After not really getting into using cleansing brush devices a few years back, I decided to give it a go again earlier this year. The cleansing brush in question is the Magnitone Barefaced 2 3D Vibra Sonic Cleansing and Toning Brush, and my word, I absolutley adore it!

I’ve been using it for six months, and I recently filmed a YouTube video talking all about the incredible device and how I’ve been finding it. I honestly mean it when I say my breakouts have been much less since using it, and I still can’t get my head around why that is! Perhaps I just wasn’t cleansing my skin as deep as I should have been? Maybe I was leaving a residue of dirt, grease and makeup?

BareFaced 2 3D Vibra-Sonic Cleansing and Toning Brush - Sensitive

I realised that although I shared my review on YouTube, I never actually published it on here. So here we are, the video all about this fantastic device is shared below.

If you’re skeptical about cleansing brushes and devices, or have niggling breakouts and have toyed with the idea of using one of these, I explain a lot more in the vlog.

When I filmed it, I had only been using the device for a matter of weeks. Now I’m around 6-7 months in, and I honestly use it religiously. I couldn’t be without it now!

I promise to be more active on YouTube going forward, so do please subscribe to me over there to spur me on a little and make me feel the pressure!

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