Trying Clarity Capsules From FOG For Better Sleep

Over the years, I’ve had a funny relationship with sleep. Sometimes I’ve gone through good phases, where I’ll take myself to bed around 10.30-11pm and fall straight to sleep, waking up around 7am.

Other times, I go to bed at 10.30pm and find it’s turning 2.30am and I still haven’t had any shut eye. This is the kind of sleep I’ve been having for the most recent of months, and let me tell you, it sucks.

When I’m worried or anxious, I totally get it. Night time is the key time for my brain to go into overdrive and I’ll struggle to shift any thoughts out of my head. And before you say it: yes I do the journal stuff (writing everything down and reflecting on the day), and yes, I write down the three things I’m grateful for before I turn out the lights.

Although these are fantastic practices for feeling more grateful and sometimes going to bed a little less stressed, they haven’t been the solution for the nights when I’m not worried or anxious, but just simply toss and turn in a fight with my bed about what time I’m drifting off.

I’ve heard about CBD products for a long while, but gave magnesium supplements a go first. I did get better with my sleep when taking magnesium, however I found the most successful of supplements were combined with other ingredients, including Biotin, which gives me quite bad acne. So I had to slowly go off the Magnesium, and look further afield.

Which brought me back to natural CBD. I came across FOG, an online retailers who offer Clairty capsules, known as ‘your remedy for the demands of the modern world in one capsule’. The catch line sold me immediately, in all honesty. My life is totally dictated by the demands of the modern world, more so with my job. Social media and the internet means I never switch off, so during the day, my mind is clouded and constantly battling through things. It’s like I can never quite see any clarity.

And during the nights? Well, exactly as I explained above!

So what exactly are these Clarity capsules by FOG all about?

Firstly, they are designed to help you be more alert and aware during the day, yet come evening, they are designed to relax your mind and assist your sleeping routines. They let you experience premium CBD in a single convenient capsule, as each capsule of Clarity is precisely dosed with 25mg of broad spectrum hemp extract CBD (completely grown in the USA).

All you have to do is to take one daily to reclaim a sense of calm and focus, depending on the time of day you need the help most. So for example, if you feel a little anxious or unfocused during the demanding day time, it’s best to take one during the morning. Or, if you’re working day (or whatever is taking up your day) is manic and crazy, take one when you feel you need to reclaim a sense of calm and focus.

You can take it with water, or even in the morning with your coffee, or in the evening after a stressful day. They allow you to take a moment for yourself and to focus on your self-care wellness.

For me, and anyone else struggling with sleep, it’s best to take one capsule an hour before going to bed (or 30 minutes, it doesn’t really make much difference). I’ve found since doing this, that period of tossing and turning has completely cut down. It hasn’t magically gone, I’ll still have nights where I’ve lay awake for 30 minutes, for no reason at all, but 30 minutes is a huuuuge improvement from when it was averaging at 3 hours not so long ago!

It’s almost like the pure hemp CBD eases your mind and lightly relaxes you. I’ve been taking these now for three weeks, and I know I’ll be ordering my next jar very soon!

It makes me feel better that I’m not relying on any harsh ingredients or chemicals. All Fog products are created with premium organic, non-GMO CBD and 100% natural ingredients. Everything is independently tested by third party laboratories so you can be certain that you are getting CBD that is clean, safe, and effective.

When I shared this on my Instagram, which you can see here, I had a few people ask me how fast these capsules worked. I felt they worked after around 3-5 days, which from researching, is because the soft gel capsules use nano emulsion technology, allowing the capsules to have 4 times the absorption making them faster acting than other methods of CBD consumption. So results appear pretty quick!

If you wish to know the ingredients in these Clarity CBD capsules , I’ve featured them below so you can get a good solid idea. And as each jar of capsules is £40, it’s worth remembering that every Fog product is backed by the brands 30 day satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with your product, let them know and they’ll give you a 100% no-hassle refund.

In addition to 25mg of CBD, each capsule contains Coconut Oil (MCT), Sunflower Lecithin, Beta-Caryophyllene, Sorbic Acid, Gelatin Shell (Gelatin, Vegetable Glycerine, Water).

You can find out more by visiting the capsules retail page on FOG here. You can also get 20% off with code EMMA20.

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