Mistatera 5% CBD Oil Review

When I first heard about CBD oil, I was skeptical to say the least. I had jumped to the assumption straight off that it was either a) just the newest way adults were getting high, through a socially acceptable, natural oil, or b) it was the latest beauty and lifestyle fad which everyone was jumping on, which might fade off in the next 12 months.

I’ll ruin the end of the story from the offset: I was completely wrong. I’d heard people talking about the impressive results from using a natural CBD oil to help ease pains and assist with certain illnesses, and started to see results through my own eyes. It was then that I started to listen up, and be more open to trying a CBD oil for myself.

Let’s be honest. For those of us who are anxious or born worriers, we’re not going to get any help from smoking marijuana. It isn’t always the best option. For some, it can help with anxiety, but for others (ahem, me) they say it can make you feel insane and super paranoid — no thanks, I’ll stick to margaritas and sangria! I mean I haven’t ever tried it (I’m a right goody two shoes), but I’ve heard from many different people about it.

A brief history of me: I’ve always been a little neurotic, but in a more silent way. Like, nothing too noticeable to others, but my mind can be slightly over worked and OTT. I live my life through a lot of technology with working in the online world and social media. Before that, I was just a born over thinker.

My erratic mind has helped me in a lot of ways, so I can’t completely hate it — it’s responsible for a lot of my diligence and my knack for organisation — but sometimes, I want to turn it off. When I’m about to go out with friends or have a night alone binging on the pizzas and a glass of red, I don’t want to be thinking about all of the things I want to get done, or that I should wake up at 6am to work out the next day.

And that’s the thing for me: I don’t switch off. That crazy to-do list not only grows on paper, it grows in my mind. I envy people who can just enjoy themselves and turn off any worries— as for me, that’s always been easier said than done.

I always think my over active mind and light anxiety is something I can manage myself, and I don’t quite need to see a doctor. But if that’s the case, what step do I take?

After pondering on it for a while, I decided to look into the thing I was previously the most skeptical about, CBD. A number of my friends have used it either in oil or capsule format, and as I was also looking at starting a CBD capsule for sleeping, I thought why not. Let’s give an oil a go, at the very least to review it here on What Emma Did so it can help inform my readers.

So, I began using CBD oil regularly. The one I’ve been using is Mistatera 5% CBD oil, who pride themselves with the strap-line ‘Balance is Key’. I think about using it when my mind is going 100mph and doesn’t seem to be hitting the breaks anytime soon.

I take a few drops, and it has made a world of difference. I will say this until I’m blue in the face: it does not make you high — and as a gal who cannot and won’t tolerate that feeling, I can completely vouch for this. “Neutral” is truly the best way I know how to describe it. It doesn’t sedate me or make me feel any unnatural sense of calm, it just brings me back down to neutral — which is exactly where I want to be sometimes.

Let’s explore a little more closely about the product in particular, just to clear up any questions that might be springing into your mind as you read one.

This 5% CBD oil contains full spectrum cannabinoids extract, which is designed to guide you towards a happy and a balanced life. I’ve taken the below directly from Mistatera, as they outline exactly why this is a safe product, and I couldn’t literally word it any clearer than they have:

In addition to the above, independent certification confirms the THC content present in this bottle is completely legal and safe, containing below the EU legal limit of 0.2%. Adding to previously stated, CBD resin is dissolved in organic coconut oil to produce elite mixture of natural substances.

To clarify further, coconut oil (known as “super-food”) is high in healthy saturated fats, that can have positive effects to our health.

Hence, why the hemp resin tastes much better compared to other merging methods.

This product contains ingredients that are 100% of plant origin, therefore the product is vegan, gluten free and non-GMO. In conclusion, the wide range of cannabinoids, lab analyses, multiple certifications and controlled natural origin contribute to the highest quality product.

So there you go, any worries about it’s ingredients are cleared up! It is Hemp bud extract (Cannabis sativa L. var. sativa) 12.5% (40% of which is CBD and the other 60% are other terpenes, flavinoids and cannabinoids).
organic coconut oil 87.5%

For general well-being, it is recommended to take 2-3 drops twice a day under your tongue, holding for a minute and swallowing. Some days, I just take one, mainly in the middle of the day when I’m feeling overwhelmed with everything.

If you are looking to take it as a treatment, it’s advised to take three times a day, with 5 drops under your tongue, holding for a minute and swallow. So that’s for anyone who has specific pain, or needs treatment of a certain area.

From my experience, I’d recommend this for anyone who suffers from anxiety and a stressed mind, who feels they need extra clarity and comfort during manic periods. It’s the fastest way to absorb the CBD into the body, giving results quickly and instantly, but most importantly, naturally.

Check out the Mistatera website here to have a look at the CBD oil in more detail, or to explore the brand in general.

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