Here’s The 2020 Workplace Trends Business Owners Should Look Out For

Each year brings new innovations and ideas that disrupt how companies operate and conduct business. How employees feel about their job roles, workplace and work-life balance is constantly changing, and it’s so important business owners are aware of this.

Bosses, big companies and even HR teams need to be aware of what employees value in order to be successful. Failing to adapt to new workplace trends can actually end up hurting a business.

Whether you are an entrepreneur starting your own company or a long-time business owner (or even an employee of a big company) here are the trends shifting the workplace in 2019 to watch for that could affect your business:

Remote Working Continuing to Rise

They are now saying that by 2025, remote working will rival the traditional, fixed office location working environment.

Remote working at one point was barely heard of. I know it never was before I went self employed. Now, it is on the rise and will soon be considered the new ‘norm’.

More so for those who work in the ever growing online industry. With the internet and apps slowly taking over our world, there’s been a massive increase in freelance web developers, SEO specialists, social media experts and even instagram growth companies who are now setting up home in co-working spaces to run their business.

These guys are everywhere now, which is a super good thing, as my business relies on this skill. I’ve been reading up on services to improve my search engine visibility and discovered this great SEO content writer that was very helpful. Just goes to show how many individuals can take their SEO and content skills and make a business from it.

With this in mind, Co-working spaces popping up in every city are allowing employees to work outside of the office. Employees are using this newfound freedom to have better control over their day and to have the flexibility to allow their personal and professional sides exist side by side more peacefully.

Not only does this new way of working help employees to find a renewed passion for their jobs, it can provide employers with benefits, too.

One study found that remote workers tend to work longer hours — meaning productivity will increase. They just can be more flexible with their day and fit it in to work around their happiness. Employers can also expect to save on some expenses, such as office space and furniture.

Gen Z Entering the Workforce

Generation Z makes up the population that was born from the mid-’90s to the early 2000s. Lets be realistic, this is the category who are entering at levels of executives/assistants and graduates, and will be new potential managers.

Gen Zers are now in their early twenties, and have grown up technologically savvy and in fast-paced environments. They are now beginning to enter the job market.

Business owners looking to hire employees from Gen Z should adjust their training and office practices for more efficiency — such as expecting them to learn best from short, instructional videos. Individuals from this age group also come with a different set of skills and mindsets than past generations and can help companies thrive in today’s society.

Before a hiring manager turns down someone from this age group for lack of experience, they should look more closely at the skills that this age group can bring to the table!

Eye-catching Logos and Signage

Businesses know that they need to go that extra mile to stand out above all the competition and noise out there – no matter how big or small. If someone is wandering round a shopping centre, market, pop-up stalls or even a business, people will turn their heads at the most impressive logos and signage.

If you’re wanting to bring people to your business place if you have either a unit or a pop-up, consider illumination. It’s everywhere. Think about the wedding industry. Those illuminated signs have become massive, looking modern and stylish. Think about transferring this look and feel into your business.

Have a search online for Vinyline Graphics if you need some professional inspiration!

Increasing Need for A Social Mission

In the current socio-political climate, employees are no longer looking for a company with just a pretty face. They want to work for companies that uphold values and put social purpose into priority.

Corporate social responsibility is a term that is used a lot in business programs, but companies must actually put it into action. Companies can create a social purpose through community service, partnering with a purposeful organization, and incorporating a purpose into their overall company mission.

Employees want to be proud to work for a business that stands behind an issue. According to Forbes, this trend is being pushed by millennials who are more likely than other generations to to engage in philanthropic causes, and now currently make up the largest percentage of the workforce

A Search For Better Work Life Balance & Other Perks

Since unemployment rates are extremely low, companies need to keep their employees satisfied and happy to prevent them from taking their skills to another company. However, one major thing employees are looking for is a better work-life balance.

More than ever before it’s becoming increasingly important. Employees want better perks in day-to-day activities. And why not? You go to work around 5 days a week!

In the past, employees were expected to work late nights and long weeks without ever prioritising their well-being. This has contributed significantly to employee burnout. Employees are now demanding more time for hobbies, friends, and self-care.

Employees who feel they are being respected and appreciated by their managers can be trusted to work harder and more productively. Developing a better work-life balance for employees includes flexible work schedules, compressed work weeks, remote working, and on-site amenities!

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