DIY Luxury Gift Ideas To Make Yourself

Tired of never knowing what to purchase for people when it comes to giving them a gift for a special occasion? What about when you want to purchase a gift that is simply to say thank you for something that they have done for you in the past? And let’s not even get started on the rising costs of merchandise in every sector of the marketplace.

It can be hard to find a well-made, high-quality gift for a fair price when it seems that everything you find is either out of your budget, or becomes more expensive when you factor in shipping fees or customisation costs.

These reasons tend to be the driving force behind more people taking control of their creative side and exercising their imagination when it comes to making their own gifts. Thankfully, today’s technology is also a bonus as it is designed for even beginners to use when making their own gifts.

But you don’t want to give everyone on your list or in your life the same simple gift – you want something that looks high-end, expensive, and high quality; a luxury gift if you will. That is why today we are going to be looking at some DIY luxury gift ideas that even beginners can master in no time and the tools that will help this magic happen! You might be able to open your own DIY luxury gift business with same-day delivery gifts. DIY boxes are booming in popularity right now, so it’s definitely an area to look into…

Homemade Candles

Studies have shown how generic wick candles can release deadly emissions that can cause health problems, especially respiratory problems, later in life if they are burnt on a regular basis. That is why people are turning more to soy candles or handmade ones that are created using all-natural ingredients.

Candle making kits are available throughout online stores and in some craft stores. They have everything you would need to create your own candles and if you want to add a scent to your finished product – you can use your favorite essential oil! You can also join a candle making session – there are loads around the UK -which can help you get started, being shown the rops from the professionals.

Make your friend or loved ones some mini homemade candles, they could sit in cute tins or little jars – whatever you like. You can make them in a variety of scents that match to the season or the holiday. They are guaranteed to love it!

Skin and Body Care

People are turning to a more natural and organic approach when it comes to their skin and body care. Not only are people more concerned with what they put into their body, they are also concerned with what is going on their skin. There are numerous recipes available online through forums and blogs that explain exactly how to make skincare products of various natures. You will need base creams and lotions (such as coconut oil), essential oils for the scents and benefits, and a container of some sort to store your goods!

Making your friends and family homemade lotions, scrubs, and face masks are not only easy when you follow the instructions but also cost-efficient. Pick up a wicker basket, line with confetti and straw, and then place your homemade skincare products inside with flair. Wrap it in cellophane and tie with a brightly colored ribbon – then you are ready to give a luxury gift that you made yourself and paid pennies for!

Embroidered Wallets, Phone Cases, and More

Embroidery always looks precious and special, and you can now get embroidery across purses, phone cases, handbags, and makeup bags which can have a vintage feel and look to them. Embroidery is also a wonderful way to personalise your gifts to your friends and ensure that their present is 100% unique to them. You can embroider the entire piece, only add their initials, make a combination of wording, phrases, and designs. The finished product is entirely your call.

Years ago, when people would sit down to embroider their wares – they would have to do it by hand which took time, effort, and concentration. Luckily, today’s technology has advanced to the point that you can purchase machines for embroidery and these machines do the hard work for you!

These machines are similar in look to a sewing machine but feature different sizes and types of needles to make the designs. Using a foot pedal to control the needle, you can quickly and efficiently embroider with ease!

Throw Pillows

Who doesn’t love a good throw pillow that perfectly matches into your current décor? Or, a throw pillow that perfectly captures the holiday season. Throw pillows are extremely easy to make if you have the basic sewing skills needed for the design.

All you will need is fabric pieces or an old sweater that still has its comfort and softness, sewing needles and/or a sewing machine, and stuffing. You cut the pieces of fabric to the desired size and pin it together. Stuff the pillow with non-toxic stuffing or foam, sew the edges together with a corner crease, and Voila! You just made your person their very own set of throw pillows.


Don’t waste your hard-earned money on gifts that aren’t exactly what you are looking for or gifts that are mass produced to the point they lose their unique and personalized quality. There is something about both giving and receiving a personalized gift that warms the heart. It shows the thought process that went into choosing the gift and it shows how much you truly think of a person.

And thankfully, the technology today allows you to make these gifts from the comfort of your own home without having to sit through expensive classes. Who knows? If you master your craft enough; you might be able to open your own DIY luxury gift business. With the advances made with ecommerce sites online, you can reach a larger customer market and there is always a market for homemade luxury gifts at a fraction of the cost!

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