Cleaning Hacks For Wooden Floors in the Home

There is nothing more beautiful in a home than a real wooden floor, no matter what style of house it is. Wooden floors instantly add that contemporary feel, and make any home look modern, minimal and stylish. Plus, with the variety of wood shades out there, it’s really easy for your wooden floor to blend in with the colour scheme of your home.

After all, most wall colours match perfectly with oak and natural wood shades. However, the problem seems to lie within keeping wooden floors looking clean, new and fresh.

You need to consider more than just keeping them clean, if you’re to think about having wooden floors throughout your home. Of course, cleaning them properly keeps the floor looking clear and bright, but it’s also worth noting that they need protecting and caring for to extend the longevity.

Over time, the colour of the wood will alter due to wear over the years, but here’s a few tips on how to keep your wooden floor looking as striking as possible:

Wooden Floor Cleaning Tips:

  • Firstly, try the prevention method. Make sure minimal dirt and grime gets brought into the home by having good quality doormats placed at any doors or entrances to the house. Coir matting matts tend to remove the most muck from shoes, so these could be worth investing in.
  • If you spill anything onto your wooden floor, immediately wipe up the mess. Any liquid that is left sitting on the surface will start to get absorbed by the timber, creating a stain that may be hard to remove later down the line. Just a dry or damp cloth to quickly soak up the stain is ideal to use right away.
  • Cleaning may not be everyone’s favourite task, but if you get into a routine of mopping, sweeping and lightly vacuuming often, you’ll prevent any dirt building up which can scratch the surface of the wood. The dirtier you let it get, the duller the wood looks, so try to keep on top of it weekly, if not, every couple of days.
  • If you have wooden floors in your kitchen, you’ll want to use a vacuum regularly to help suck up all the crumbs you’ll accumulate. Never use a hard head, always use a soft bristle head on wooden floors when using your vacuum. Hard heads will scratch the surface and over time, cause marks.
  • When placing furniture on top of your wooden floors, apply felt pads on the base of everything touching the floor. These can be applied to the bottom corners of sofas and coffee tables, cabinets and units, to prevent marks being formed over time. Timber can be soft, so any heavy furniture with ‘legs’ could start to sink slightly into the wood if it doesn’t get moved for a long period of time, but ideally, felt pads can prevent the marks forming in the first place.
  • When mopping, use the minimum amount of water to avoid streaking and over soaking the wood. There are specialist wood cleaning solutions out there which only need half a cap-full added to the mop bucket.
  • When mopping a hardwood floor, try using the two bucket tip. Use one to clean the mop, as mops can get a little manky over time, and the other to store fresh clean water. This prevents rubbing any dirty water across your floors.

What about lacquered wooden floors?

There are different finishes to wooden flooring, including high quality Lacquer, which some people choose for it’s extremely solid finish. It’s pricier, but lasts a very long time.

From a cleaning perspective, it is actually easier to clean, as all it really needs is a mop, warm water and a specialist lacquer wood floor cleaning fluid.

However, avoid any detergents or steam cleaners, as if anything removes the lacquer or scratches it, you can never properly repair it.

Extra Tips

  • Have toothpaste handy: Sometimes, children can take their art a little too far and scribble markers pens on the wooden floor. Don’t panic! Have some white toothpaste handy, a long with a microfibre cloth. Simply dab of touch of toothpaste to the affected area, and start rubbing into the marks with the cloth. Give it some pressure, it might need it! Eventually, the marker pen will start fading and come off.
  • Smooth out dents: Dents can be caused from furniture settling into the wooden floors over long periods of time, as mentioned in the above cleaning tips. If this is the case, take a hot iron, but before using, start to moisten the dent and then place a slightly damp cloth on top of the dented area. Place the iron lightly on top of the cloth and quickly rub it across the cloth using non stop circular movements. Just keep the movements going for a few minutes, and when you remove, the dent should be much more smoothed out.
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