Why You Should Always Go For SPF 40 Plus: Crystal Clear Protect and Repair SPF 40 Review

I recently wrote an article here about why I’ve been sticking to SPF 50 on my face, and why it personally works for me. I realised after writing it that the piece is very much tailored to my own personal skin conditions – pigmentation, melasma and acne – and perhaps those reading it who don’t suffer from those might feel they don’t quite need to step up the SPF to 50.

The number of your SPF is completely down to you. It’s a personal preference, but after years of skin research and being heavily involved in skin conditions, environmental factors and product ingredients, I feel I have enough knowledge tucked away somewhere in this skincare and beauty obsessed brain to share a few words of advice.

Of course, you shouldn’t feel like you need to slap on the SPF 50 on your face everyday like I need to. Just an hour in the sun brings out my sun-induced hyperpigmentation, where those brown bands start to form on my forehead and cheeks. However, if I’d been using an SPF 40 or higher on my face often years ago, I don;t think I’d be in this situation I currently am. Sooooooo… I only share my experience honestly!

Even if you haven’t currently got any pigmentation or sun-induced hyperpigmentation/melasma (lucky you, honestly!), it is worth understanding why wearing an SPF 40 or above is so useful for your skin. Considering the fact that getting sunburn just once every two years can triple your chances of developing melanoma, and that the sun is actually the worst thing for bringing on premature aging, it’s worth protecting yourself the best way.

Here’s a few things to consider, before I share another SPF for the face you may love (which is incredible for general skin moisturising and anti-aging too!).

What is the difference between UVA and UVB rays?

When the sun hits our skin, the rays consist of UVA and UVB rays, which both pose different threats. UVB impacts the skin at a surface level, which is what will cause sunburn. On the other hand, UVA impacts the skin at a deeper level, causing the more permanent damage such as dark patches, wrinkles, loose skin and premature ageing.

Both are guilty of causing DNA damage though, which greatly increases the risk of skin cancer.

The level of protection that your sun cream provides from UVA rays is measured by the star rating system, while protection from UVB is denoted by the Sun Protection Factor, known as SPF, which I keep rabbiting on about.

What does the factor on sunscreen mean?

SPF 40 will protect your skin from burning from the sun for up to 40 times longer than without sunscreen. So SPF 50 will protect it for up to 50 times longer. That’s really the only way to describe how SPF works.

Experts say that a minimum of SPF 15 should be used, and a four star UVA protection for everyday incidental exposure.

Of course, if you are holidaying to hotter climates, it’s ideal to up this to SPF 40 and 50 for ultimate protection.

Crystal Clear Protect and Repair SPF 40

I’m bringing this product into the spotlight because I know a lot of you out there want an SPF which is kind to your skin, gentle enough to use on your face daily under makeup, and one that is boosted with anti-aging properties to really prevent premature again.

Step forward Crystal Clear Protect and Repair SPF 40, packed with both UVA and UVB protection, where the skin is shielded whilst fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed. 

By using a face-friendly, professional product like this, your skin will be much more preotected from sun exposure leading to wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and other advanced signs of ageing.

Alongside the UVA 20 and UVB 40 SPF protection, this cream contains anti-ageing actives to hydrate the skin, together with Vitamin E’s anti-oxidant properties and Lupine Extract and Thermus Thermophilis – said to help prevent sunburn, dehydration and ageing. So you’re kinda getting a powerhouse of ingredients to treat and care for your skin, while protecting it at the same time. Which let’s face it, us ladies in our twenties and thirties (thirties for me) are all about this!

Sure, it’s lovely getting a sun-kissed tan on your face, and this product won;t stop you from catching a tan. It just helps to protect from the harmful rays and burning, and in time, with regular applications, your skin can still catch that Summer glow. But a healthy one. Not a bright red one.

One of the reasons I’ve dedicated a post of it’s own to the Crystal Clear Protect & Repair SPF40 is also because I bloomin’ love this brand. I’ve been getting crystal clear microdermabrasion treatments done for years, and I’ve had some excellent treatments with this brand over time. So I guess I have faith and trust, knowing they always deliver when it comes to healthy skin.

Overall, if you want to keep your face moisturised and protected, this cream absorbs UV and minimises the risk of sun-induced skin damage. I’ll leave you with the list of benefits from the brand so you can scan them in bullet form…

Benefits of Crystal Clear Protect and Repair SPF 40

  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Anti-Ageing properties.
  • Reduces wrinkles.
  • Tones and hydrates.
  • Boosts collagen production.
  • SPF40/UVA20.
  • Active anti-ageing ingredients.
  • Absorbs UV – minimising sun damage.
  • Moisturises skin.
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

How to Use Crystal Clear Protect And Repair

  • Apply frequently during sun exposure.
  • Can be worn under make-up.

Lastly, because my reviews are always honest, this is a pricey product. A 100ml bottle will set you back £53.99, but as I always say, you skin is an investment, and boy do I wish I’d excessively used something like this all those years ago!

You can shop here or to browse to find out more.

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