How Your Home Interior Style and Décor Can Boost Your Mood

Not all of us are blessed with being able to paint and decorate our homes to a professional standard. What’s more, is that most of us don’t even enjoy it. I for one hate anything DIY and task based in the home, but I do love walking into other peoples homes and admiring the stunning decor.

Luckily, due to the amount of inspiring Instagram accounts and Pinterest boards which focus on home interiors, there are so many home hacks at the scroll of a button (or the swipe of your phone). We are given access to beautiful homes too easily these days, which grows our interest when it comes to being interested in interiors, and then making the suitable changes to our own abodes.

This being said, do you ever sit down and think to yourself: how does my home have an affect on how I feel, daily? Your home is the place you cook, sleep, wake up, get ready, share with family, enjoy on your own…. the list is endless. In today’s crazy world, we’re even turning our homes into work offices. So how the home makes you feel is pretty important to say the least.

As the aesthetic of your home can majorly play a part in how you feel, it’s important to analyse what factors of your own home may be dulling your mood, and which ones boost it. Read below to explore how to ensure you’re home is styled and decorated to make you feel the best ‘you’ possible – everyday.

Be aware of the light in your home

If your home lacks light – whether natural or artificial – it can bring on symptoms of SAD. This is a serious seasonal affective disorder which is known to be responsible for a number of cases of depression. It’s worse in the Winter months, which means you should be aware of what relevant lighting you have in your home that can compensate the lack of natural light flowing through the home.

Start by assessing the lighting situation you currently have. The perfect scenario is clear, bright lighting in your kitchen, bathroom and living areas at any given time, and to balance this out with black out blinds are appropriate curtains throughout your bedrooms. It’s key to have natural light and well lit artificial light through the home, but be cautious about keeping darkness where it is needed, too.

For smaller homes or houses where the kitchen/dining room backs onto a garden which isn’t south facing, you could look at LED Pendant lights for the kitchen. LED lights are a modern way to brighten up your home, bringing in more white light rather than those dull, yellow tinged lightbulbs many homes still have. Clean LED light can also contribute to making your rooms throughout the home look more modern, which is always something to improve your mood!

Play with happy colour palettes

There are various colour theories in the interiors world that say that the colours you expose yourself to in the home can play havoc with your emotions. If you think about it, are there any colours specifically which spark feelings of anger or rage? How about some that do the opposite, and make you feel calm and relaxed?

There are certain colours, like red or burgundy, which are said to provoke angrier moods when utilised around the home. However yellow is a bright, sunny shade often recommended for kitchens and home offices, to enhance your mood and bring on a touch of happiness. Come to think of it, our kitchen is lemon colour, and I always feel springy when I go into the room to cook!

For bedrooms or lounge spaces, there are shades of greens and blues which can encourage those calm, relaxed and chilled out feelings. I’m feeling shades of pastel blues and sage greens, which I can imagine working perfectly through the home, and they’ll look modern and stylish paired with whites and creams too.  

Implementing colour therapy in your home could be all the change you need to start feeling a little brighter and calming, especially since the changes to our lives with COVID.

Look at fuss-free and timeless themes

There’s a lot to be said for an organised, tidy home which is streamlined to perfection. Although this can seem unachievable to some – especially those with children – it’s easier than you think if you focus on sticking to a classic and timeless theme throughout your home.

When a home follows a fuss-free, classic theme, it tends to lean itself to a contemporary, modern style. Clean lines, tidy spaces, streamlined storage, calming colours and nothing too ‘on trend’. Just chic and minimal.

The key to creating this is to find ways to keep clutter and mess out of site. That would be by investing in sleek looking storage, and organisation units which hide the mess with cupboards and drawers. When any mess or ‘fuss’ is out of sight, it could clarify your mind and help de-clutter your thoughts too.

The above three factors could be playing a huge part when it comes to your own home and how you feel on a daily basis. Ask yourself: what are your priorities when it comes to styling and decorating the home? Could there be simple changes which could massively improve your mood?

You don’t need to fork out lots of money for a renovation. Just try the above tips first, and see if your state of mind and daily mood starts to improve…

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