The Luxury Home Items That Will WOW Your Visitors

There is no better feeling than buying something for your home that you know will become a talking point when you have visitors over. “Would you like a coffee” basically translates into, let me blow your socks off with my brand-new coffee machine while you sit back and ask me where I got it from. We all know the feeling, and it makes our purchases 100% worthwhile when they get noticed by our guests.

So, what are those items that simply wow our guests and give us that ultimate host satisfaction and home pride. Let’s take a look at a few items that can really leave a lasting impression with your visitors, making them look forward to the next invitation.

The Great Coffee

We briefly talked about it in the intro, but one thing that can leave a lasting impression and start the mood off right is an amazing coffee. You don’t necessarily need a very expensive coffee machine to do this but I suppose something shiny will definitely add points for the ultimate coffee experience.

A machine that can grind fresh beans and offer multiple drinks, like the popular choices of cappuccino and lattes, would be perfect. Fresh beans are actually quite important for a good coffee so make sure you choose a top-rated roaster like Rave for example.

The Smell To Remember

Home smells are one of the first things that capture a guest’s senses, this can be bad like the smell of wet dog, or heavenly like a good reed diffuser or wax melt. Wax melts are probably the best option as they really can fill a room with a wide range of smells. For the ultimate wow factor, try a wax melt inspired by a popular perfume like Flowerbomb or Alien which will fill your home with luxury.

The Hollywood Mirror

This item will probably get more personal use, but you deserve to be wowed too. A Hollywood mirror in the bedroom or dressing room will make you feel a million dollars every time it illuminates.

The bulbs reflect in your eyes, turning them into mini solar systems that you could get lost in. Not only does it brighten up your room, they can brighten your mood. This is also one of those items that can make a guest not want to go home. If a friend stays the night or comes around to get ready at your house before a party etc, a Hollywood mirror can really steal the show. Before you know it, you’ve got appointments from all your friends every time there is a party! Definitely a showstopper item to have in any household.

The Pool Table

There are not many people that won’t be impressed with your very own pool table in your home! This could be in a dedicated room, or even outside on the patio if you get an outdoor pool table. Keeping the kids entertained at a BBQ is something that parents dread, and having a pool table to keep them busy is almost like saying “don’t worry, I’ll take care of the kids while you enjoy  yourself”.

Even if you haven’t got kids, there isn’t a man on the planet who doesn’t think he’s the best person in the room at Pool when challenged, which makes great entertainment in itself at house parties or family events. Another luxury item that will become the talking point of an evening, and result in you being the go-to house for events in the future.

The Sweet Jars

You cannot resist drawing your attention to a glass jar filled to the lid with your favourite sweets. This image will burn into the memories of children, and captivate the minds of adults alike. Glass sweet jars have become increasingly popular with homeowners around the world, they are cheap to make and offer a luxury, indulgent feeling. The only downside is that you’ll have to fight off the hands of children wanting to forever tamper with the stock levels

These are just a few items that can add a real luxury wow factor to your home, and most of these can be put into effect right away. Whatever you go for, remember that these items aren’t just for guests and they can be enjoyed just as much if not more by yourself and home occupants.

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