Work From Home Style Ideas

As all of us are forced to stay inside our homes and work from home where possible, the question is: is there a certain WFH style we can be adapting to?

For one, working from home allows us to be more comfy and cuts out that getting ready time in the morning. On the brighter side of things, your travel time has been drastically reduced, if not, totally cut out. However, there are a few downsides to the whole ‘WFH’ norm.

Often it gets hard to get out from under your comfortable duvet and it’s too tempting to stay in pjs. I mean, no one is seeing you so I totally get the temptation. But as cozy and comfortable as they are, it’s not really the most motivating ‘outfit’ to be in all day! The odd day is totally fine, but it’s ideal to think about how what you wear at home can really change your mindset.

There is actually a psychological thinking behind why you it’s best to dress up, even if you are supposed to be working on your sofa from your home desk the entire day. Not only does it set you up for a productive day, feeling more professional, it also allows you to be ‘ready’ for any video calls, nipping out to the garden/daily walk, or anything else. Not to mention opening the door to the postman and being slightly presentable!

Why should we dress ‘properly’ for working from home?

When you first hear the term WFH, your immediate instinct is visualising working in PJs or over-sized T shirts and sweat pants.

However, if you opt for a wardrobe that’s too casual, it might become very difficult for you to mentally prepare yourself for work. You’re wearing joggers and a hoody – it’s usually something you’d wear to slob around in on a Sunday, right? Of course, every once in a while, it is okay to sit down and work in your ‘scruffs’, but feeling a little smarter can work wonders to your working from home day.

Fashion experts label this as a ‘dress for your mood’ enhancement. By dressing for you mood, makes you ‘become’ your mood. If you’re in tidier, relaxed yet smart-ish clothes, you can be assured it could improve the productivity of your work and how you feel during the day.

Take me for example – I tend to wear loose jeans or leggings with oversized shirts or fitted jumpers. Maira, an online assignment help provider, says that on most days she works from home, and she makes it a point to take a nice shower in the morning, dress up, even apply a little makeup and then sit at a home desk for work. A lot of people follow this routine. I for one always shower and apply my skincare – although makeup is few and far between.

But the message really is that when you wear clothes that interest you and that make you feel good at a personal level, your productivity seems to magically improve. It’s all about mind over matter.

WFH outfit ideas

Outfits can speak volumes about us as a person, and how we approach the day/our tasks. When deciding what WFH outfits are best for you, first, ask yourself what do these clothes symbolise about you? And second, how do you look when you wear these clothes.

If you’re going to pull out an outfit you feel pretty slobbish and hideous in, that you’d hate anyone to see you in, there’s no doubt you’ll take a fraction of that feeling with you for your working day. Yes, it is easier for you to be in comfortable clothes all through the day. But the problem is we all associate home with comfort, and that makes us opt for our home uniform, which is PJs/joggers!

Let’s take myself as an example and then another example, which is Jenifer, an online do my statistics homework provider who has been working from home for the past 2 years. I’ve been working from home for also two years now, and I can tell you that the days I work in pj style clothes, I struggle to find that balance between my work head, and my switch off head. It’s almost like it’s a weekend day and I’m forcing myself to do work in my spare time. If I wear leggings and a nice t-shirt with a denim shirt over the top, or even flowing midi dresses (mostly in the Summer) I’m immediatley so much more inspired and motivated!

Jennifer rightly so recommends that you need to find a balance between getting too comfortable and being ultra-dressy when it comes to putting together a wardrobe for your WFH routine.

Of course, there’s no need to dress up in a crisp white shirt every day, or wear your fabulous blazer two piece. But maybe a comfortable basic T-shirt with a blazer could be the balance you need. You can so many lovely linen blazers from places like H&M and Zara which do the job perfectly! Comfy and smart.

Moreover – and this is one of the best bits – since nobody is there to check on you and see what you’re wearing, you can repeat your outfit from the day before. Winner!

WFH outfit essentials

Brian, who offers the best online python coursesays that when he takes classes online, he always gets dressed up, as that makes him feel ready and productive. Even though his work is all online.

I’m a writer, social media content creator and run an print store, so it’s important for me to be able to take snaps of what I’m wearing for content reasons, or just anything that will work within my daily bits of photography. So for me, I can’t get enough of black/grey leggings, oversized shirts that cami tops can sit underneath, loose midi dresses, linen trousers, day dresses (if you have nice weather and can nip out to the garden!) and sometimes, matching loungewear sets.

One of the other good ideas is to stock up on basics, as with a capsule wardrobe of white tee’s, black leggings, skinny jeans etc, it is just so easy to dress them up or down.

Set boundaries

After your WFH wardrobe is up and ready, it’s an idea to create a few boundaries to maintain that adequate balance. One incredibly important boundary that you need to set is having a fixed time to start working and a fixed time to call it a day. It’s way too easy to let your work roll right over to your evening. I am forever guilty of this.

The thing with WFH is that although you feel more relaxed, working from home with your partner or family, it’s hard to properly switch off. Gigi, another online worker, says amidst lockdown, she collaborated with a homework provider and started providing write my essay for me services online. As her days are filled with writing online, in the first few days, it was hard for her to get into the routine to tear herself away from the laptop, especially when halfway through an article. She also started working 12 to 15 hours every day because more work meant more money.

Having boundaries, along with dress for the WFH life, will help you work so much better. And after your 8-hour work schedule is over, you can get right back into your comfortable PJs, and relax!

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