How To Shop The Sneaker Trend & Create a Collection

If you love the current trainers or sneakers trend which has boomed due to streetwear styles, it’ss easy to find yourself with a growing collection.

There’s a few ways to ensure you have a strong sneaker collection: either you are shopping your shoes at a retail price on the High Street, or you have found ways to save a few pennies and build up a sneaker collection by buying away from the traditional stores.

Instagram is currently flooded with influencers sharing styled shots of their new kicks. Through various internet connections, websites, and social media, you’ll probably find a couple of ways to shop some new styles of your own and to boost your collection, without having to pay the top retail prices.

However, those that want a fast and quick deal should probably not read any further. To get hold of trainers and sneakers at the best prices involves a little bit of effort and time of your behalf. Take a read below for some tips on shopping the best deals…

Always check clearance sections

For both High Street stores and online retail, you’ll find each one will always have a clearance section. Although many people feel like they can’t get any sneakers that are style-worthy or top range in the clearance racks, it’s totally worth a try as some gems can appear! Especially if you have a very small or a very large shoe size! Stores and brands will put the last pairs into the sale to get rid of them quicker, in a bid to make way for newer styles that have full size ranges available.

Also, for traditional stores, each one needs to create room to accommodate other new sneakers and shoe styles, so, you never know, you could find a bargain.

You just need a little patience to trawl through the racks of shoes in actual stores, and for those opting for online shopping, you need to look through the sales sections on every website.

Check out old sport stores

Remember that sneakers and trainers have been going around for a long time, so there may be some less trendy stores that retail the same brands as the most style-led ones. Especially true with online stores, where some of the more ‘mumsy’ brands you avoid for anything fashionable might actually have a page dedicated to current Nike styles.

Vintage and charity shops also sit under this. You never know what you’ll find! Also, in any actual store, enquire if they have back stock of old styles that are no longer on display, as you could manage to get hold of some vintage kicks you had no idea existed. Besides, if you do not get the full-size runs of a particular shoe, you can always make a note of the store that sells them and pop back a few days later, or keep in touch with the store and have them call you.

Join fashion message boards 

Believe it or not, the sneaker trend attracts millions of cult fans, therefore sneakers sites have message boards that you can use strictly for people to sell, buy, and also trade.

Thus, if you are a regular and you use the boards wisely and build a name for yourself by helping others where you can, you will get deals leaked to you that will help you build a pretty impressive sneaker collection. For instance, you can get sneakers of great varieties like Air Jordan 1Nike, Adidas or Umbro, among others.

You’ll be surprised at how many die-hard sneaker fans you’ll meet on these boards, which may know about deals or online sales selling the items before you!

Use eBay

Although many people worry about buying fresh kicks off eBay, it is one unique way to get hold of some rare gems and with great prices as well. Not everything on their is a fake or worn, as a lot of stores now set up eBay outlets on there.

It is important to remember to refresh trainer deals as often as possible, as many styles can sell fast on eBay and you don’t want to miss the bargains.

Usually, if the seller is genuine, you should get hold of a bargain from eBay instead of being ripped off. Beware of anyone trying to double the prices stating the trainers are a ‘rare’ find.

Use social media 

The beauty of social media is that even with the trolls, there are other people using the platforms that are willing to help you with your requests. The same can be said for those who use Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to look for skincare or beauty requests. People love to share their advice.

Just remember that if you’re going to use social media to put requests out for trainer sales or the best deals, do not be that person that is begging everyone to give them retweets!

Alternatively, use the platforms to become a sneaker expert yourself. Post images of your own collections, inspirational images, new launches, other peoples collections, and shoe trends. You never know, you could start getting gifted free trainers! So, build your social media following and if you so it properly you will reap the benefits.

Find a job in retail 

A bit of a hardcore one, but if you are quite young and looking for a part time job, a job in a fashion store that retails trainers could be ideal for you. Imagine the discount you would get, and the first pick you’d recieve if you were the one unboxing the deliveries?

Also, you will get to see the clearance sales first and choose the best sneakers on offer without paying full price.

Remember that once you have built up your footwear collection, be proud of it. Keep them clear, care for the leather, take styled photos wearing them – enjoy them!

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