How Have Our Eating Habits Changed During Lockdown?

After Coronavirus was declared a global pandemic, the world got put on lockdown, with individuals only being able to leave the house for necessities – such as to pick up essentials from the local shop.

Naturally, this has had a huge impact on how we currently live our lives, including what supplies we can get our hands on at the supermarkets. Hand sanitiser gel saw a spike in sales as much as 255%, toilet roll flew off the shelves and pasta soon disappeared. Individuals started stockpiling food such as tinned goods, which led to strict new rules to prevent everyone from hoarding.

Have you been picking up extra supplies to keep in your cupboards? Or perhaps you have been far more relaxed when it comes to your food, opting for a takeaway every so often for a change?

Here, we’ll explore just how much our eating habits may have changed during lockdown.

Relying on takeaway apps and deliveries

Despite being confined to our apartments or houses 24/7, it appears that many of us have been turning to takeaways, instead of cooking with fresh ingredients. According to new research from Hammonds Furniture, the UK population has become a ‘Just Eat Generation’. After surveying members of the public about their eating and cooking habits, data showed that on average, individuals spend £53.30 a month on takeaways.

Over 2 million of us never cook meals at home, instead opting for something far more convenient. This is particularly true of those that have to share a kitchen with their housemates. The research also suggested that the number of takeaways that people purchase each month is thought to have risen due to the popularity of restaurant delivery services. Today, we have so much more choice than just a pizza, or curry. Instead, we can order our favourite burritos, burgers, and even desserts!

Another reason that many of us have turned to takeaways is because we’re bored. Night after night, it can become very tedious to think of different recipes to cook! I know that I for one keep reaching for a sweet treat after my main meal, and I’m prone to being naughty and washing it down with a glass of red wine too – oops!

Saving money

For those of us that have been avoiding the urge to call up our local Chinese takeaway, one positive to come out of being on lockdown is that many of us have been able to save some money. Also, as we are not able to meet our friends for lunch, head to our favourite fancy restaurant, or a catch up over a cocktail, we’ve been able to pocket some cash.

Instead of spending money on food delivery or three course meals, many of us have instead been spending time preparing meals at home. If you’ve been hunting through your kitchen cupboards for inspiration on what to cook for dinner, you’re not alone. With an abundance of lockdown larder recipes being uploaded online all the time, it’s never been easier for individuals to try new dishes. From brownies to banana bread, many of us have experimented with making our favourite baked goods, too!

When lockdown has been relaxed and we are able to leave our homes for longer than we’ve been used to, will our eating habits change again?

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