Why Titanic Spa in Huddersfield Is My All-Time Favourite Spa In The North

Although I have raved about Titanic Eco Spa before over the years, I felt it was time to put together an up-to-date review of what I like to call my favourite spa of all time. It is – without a doubt- my very favourite health club and spa in the North of England. But the more I think about it, it possibly tops my list for being my favourite spa across the UK.

Pretty big statement, I know. But there is just something about this tucked away Eco spa in the valleys of Yorkshire that makes me feel cut off from the world whenever I visit, and truly switch off and relax.

You can see how sensational this place looks even when just driving along the road to the side of it, and then pulling into the car park. It’s the beautifully restored 20th-century textile mill the spa is set in which just boasts visually stunning architecture. Although traditional and country-esque to look at, it’s one of the most modern, state of the art spas I;ve visited. And I have visited a lot!

Although Titanic makes a fantastic destination for an indulgent spa day, you really do need to get the full experience of an overnight stay. Of course, you still get the wonderful experience of by visiting for the day, but the apartment-style accommodation is what really excites me every time I have been here.

The apartments are just adorable. The larger apartments which feature two double bedrooms are just incredible for a getaway (although I always say one night isn’t enough!). The rooms are designed to allow you to stay over in luxurious, spacious and stylish spaces, fully kitted out with a modern kitchen, corner sofas, a pretty dining table and two en-suite rooms.

Of course, if you wish to go on a couples break, you can experience the duplex style apartments in which your bed sits on the top floor, looking over the apartment.

As most of you can gather, it’s difficult to capture a relaxing day using a spa and the facilities, because who wants to see a girl walking around with their phone camera, snapping away? Titanic even have a policy where no phones should be used around the swimming pool, saunas, heat and ice experience rooms, relaxation areas, treatment rooms and the outdoor hot tub.

Totally understand it, and it was nice to see this being more of a set rule. Escaping to Titanic really is like being taken to an idyllic island in the middle of greenery, where real life doesn’t come into it. It’s just all about pampering treatments, snuggly robes, a tranquil atmosphere, aromatic scents and pure indulgence.

Let’s break it down a little so I can share some of my highlights from Titanic…

Spa Facilities

The facilities that Titanic Spa offers are always what I feel are ideal for a luxury pampering day. It doesn’t go overboard and offer up anything that feels too out-of-this-world, instead focusing on the very best experiences which any one would feel special enough to use.

The outdoor hot tub is my favourite part of the Titanic Spa experience, hands down. It sits outside surrounding my trees and nature, where you can look up at the surrounding old mill and take it the country air. It’s hot, bubbling and spacious enough to fit in around 8 people for one sitting.

The heat and ice experience is also a fantastic offering that I overly enjoy on my visits to Titanic. You have every type of sauna and steam room experience, including aromatherapy rooms which are much easier to spend longer time in, in case you get a little too overwhelmed with the heat from the saunas. I’d love to comment on the ice experiences, but I can honestly say I’m more than happy just sticking to heat! I do see a lot of people dare to piut themselves into the ice cold plunge pool, but I’ve never been quite so tempted!

The swimming pool is a reasonable size, great for swimming and includes a little built in bubbling jacuzzi. It’s an ideal chill out area when relaxing around the pool, as it feels very quiet and I’ve never seen it get too busy. I’d love to say I have experienced the gym here, but I can’t say I have ever saved time aside for it – I use that time to enjoy the relaxation room instead!

This room is my sisters favourite room, she literally loves this space and could spend hours of her spa day there. I’ll admit it’s pretty fantastic, filled with oversized beanbags you can sink into and rest in front of a screen-fire, surrounded by beds, soft cushions and dim lights.

Spa Treatments

Titanic prides itself with offering a wide array of spa packages, making sure there is some form of treatment or pampering treat to suit everyone. Treatments are carried out across 20 bespoke treatment rooms designed to enhance your treatment experience, whether it’s a relaxing pregnancy massage or an exfoliating facial.

During my spa experience, I was booked in for a 1 hour 25 minute Elemis Freestyle Deep Tissue Massage, and my word it was beyond incredible. I don’t actually know where the time went, as one minute I was getting comfy on the massage bed, and the next it was over and my whole body was de-stressed and free from tension.

My therapist was so lovely, talking me through everything from the body oils to the pressure, and put in so much effort for the entire time. I can’t label this treatment in any other way than just complete pure bliss! I have a lot of knots and tension across my shoulders and neck due to being hunched over a laptop the majority of the time, yet after this deep tissue massage I felt what I can only describe as ‘lighter’.

The Food and Drink

If you follow me on social media, you will know I am such a big foodie, always reviewing restaurants and experimenting with different cuisines. For some people, food comes as a second thought when it comes to a spa experience, but for me it ranks pretty high.

On the package we had, which included full spa facility use, treatments and an overnight stay during the week, lunch and dinner came included with the package. Any additonal drinks or sides are treated as add ons, but in all honesty, the food comes as much larger portions than I expected.

For lunch, I did what I always do. Order a bunch of sides and realise I probably didn’t even need them! Now the food at Titanic always impresses me and in my opinion represents the quality, presentation and taste what you would expect from a premium dining establishment.

The menu is kept small but varied, pleasing those with different dietary needs. For lunch, they offer a delicious prawn linguine and gnocchi dish which were the standout options for me. The beetroot, vegetables and cheese made the gnocchi dish much more unique and flavoursome than I imagine for gnocchi! Each dish comes beautifully presented with fresh ingredients and a mouth watering aroma.

For dinner, we went all out and had three courses, which while on the spa package we were booked in under just meant paying additional for desserts. Lets just say the cheesecake at Titanic is absolutely to die for. It is quite possibly one of the best desserts I think I have ever devoured in my whole entire life.

Bar 1911

If you are lucky enough to be able to book an overnight stay as part of your spa package, you’ll get to experience Bar 1911. Now this place is just truly awesome!

Of course, spa retreats are a fabulous way to unwind; but if you do managed to get away for the night, it’s lovely to enjoy a cocktail or two and lap up this lavish bar area. This space stands out to me over any bar areas of other spa’s I’ve visited because it really is the most well-designed and aesthetically pleasing bar situated in a spa. Usually, you can expect a standard bar area that is an extension of the restaurant. Not at Bar 1911! The decor of this stunning bar establishment is second to none.

I sipped on Espresso Martini cocktails while nestled in the picturesque West Yorkshire hills of Linthwaite, feeling like I was in a cosmopolitan bar in the city! This room really does add to the glamour of being pampered at this lovely spa venue.

Think of the vibe that a new luxury cocktail bar has, combined with a nod towards striking copper interior inspiration along with a seductive snug hidden behind a mass of white voile.

Overnight Stay

If you can, I do really encourage including an overnight stay as part of your Titanic spa package. There are so many packages that they offer which include staying for the night, and I just feel the elegant rooms, stylish interiors and the opportunity to spend the evening at Titanic’s sophisticated bar area just make any spa trip that little bit more extra special.

As you can probably tell already from the photos above and from what I’ve highlighted already, the accommodation at Titanic is second to none. The renovated mill is just stunning, and along with being modern and uber stylish, it still captures that cosy, country-esque vibe.

Each room features a little balcony to step out onto that either overlooks the Yorkshire countryside and the local railway line, or the outdoor patio area and spa hot tub. No matter what time of year you go, these rooms are just beautiful. A real hideaway retreat which just makes you want to move in for a week! One night is never really long enough to soak in how magical these rooms are.

They come with a breakfast set-up in the rooms for you to enjoy breakfast in the apartment before checking out at 10am.

I’m actually in the middle of editing a YouTube video which captures the rooms, the views, the dining and the elegant bar area, as these are the only areas really which are OK to take footage of. As soon as it is edited and live on YouTube, I’ll share the video in this blog post.

For now, check out the Titanic Spa website to browse the deals and packages they are currently running.

Thank you to all the staff at Titanic for always impressing me. You truly are my number one choice!

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