Dressing to Impress: Choosing Your Party Dress by Body Shape

There’s no doubt that we are stating the obvious when we say that no-one is equal.

This is simply amplified when it comes to the world of fashion though – as what works for one individual certainly won’t work for another. One bug bear that I personally have is when retailers offer one size fits all. I mean – seriously? Why would one size all of us?

Also, what looks good on one person doesn’t always look good on another. This is something that can be highlighted to a tee with the dresses that we see in the movies. They may absolutely look the part when it comes to the actresses in question, but when we try and mimic such appearances we are left wanting.

Today’s article is going to delve into this topic a little deeper, and specifically focus on outfits for your next party. As you’ll soon find out, your body shape really does play a part, and can dictate exactly what you will be donning.

The Hourglass

Out of all of the body types that we look at, it could be argued that the hourglass figure is one of the most desirable. In fact, some people have suggested that it is almost one of the most versatile, and those who are blessed with it can almost wear anything.

However, if you are looking to make the absolute most of the hourglass, try and turn to pencil dresses or dresses with belts. These simply emphasize that perfect silhouette, and will make you turn heads for all the right reasons.

The Pear Shape

Another body shape that tends to grab the headlines for all the right reasons is the pear shape. For those unaware, one only has to turn to Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian to see an A-list example of this. Put simply, it involves your hips being a little wider than your waist.

So, what works the best in this situation? It’s all about making the most of your shoulders, meaning anything ranging from shoulder pads (although nothing OTT), right the way to any dresses with any form of decoration on the shoulders.

The Apple Shape

Staying on the topic of fruit, the apple shape is something where your upper body is larger than your lower. This is certainly nothing to be scoffed at, with Angelina Jolie one celebrity who is blessed with this appearance!

The trick in making the most of the apple shape is to emphasize your waistline. Turning to anything like a wrap or shift dress will help you no-end in this situation.

The Spoon Shape

As the name suggests, this final body type involves the upper hips being more defined than anything else on the body. Again, there are certainly no issues with this body type, with Beyoncé one celebrity who benefits from it!

However, there’s no doubt that there is a fine balancing act to play with the spoon shape. You need to try and make your overall figure a little more even, and one way to do this is to wear a pencil dress. If you want to go one step further, try a dress with shoulder decorations to emphasize the look that little bit more.

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