Alternative Ways For Adding Volume To Your Hair

The hair we have is a big part of our beauty routines. Our hair acts as our shield on days we don’t want to make too much effort with our makeup, and can be wow factor on days when we really want to dress up!

Whether we leave it be and don’t think much of it, or we dye or highlight it, cut it off, grow it… it really can ‘create’ us.

Maybe you’re someone who likes to keep your locks cut short, and you rock a pixie cut wherever you go. Or maybe you’ve grown yours to fall right down your back.

No matter how you like to style your hair, the majority of us who love to style our hair have one complaint in common: we’re missing that all important volume. I for one long to gain more volume, and I’m sure lots of you are the same.

I may be blessed with super straight locks, but it comes with the annoyance of it falling limp and lack-lustre.

If you’re the same, lets explore how to get that ‘oomph’ into our lives!

Change How Your Hair Falls

When you’re drying your hair, how do you do so? Maybe you tie up in a towel, leave it for a while, and then just let your locks drop however they like. Maybe you use the towel to rub your strands, to get most of the drips out, and then let a hairdryer do the rest.

Or maybe you just give it a comb through whilst you’re in the shower, and after you step out of it, just go about your day as usual whilst your hair follicles take the time to expand and dry into the curls you’ve attempted to set out for them.

No matter how you dry your hair, it’s time to change the direction your hair seems to fall and set (and feel comfortable in) to try and add a bit more volume to your locks. Have a go at changing where your hair parts. Sweep your hair over to one side. Play around with side partings. Notice if your hair starts to look more voluminous when parted to one certain side. Also, make sure you blow dry your hair upside down to get as much air blasted through the hair to give that bigger, bouncier look.

Wigs and Hair Extensions

Above all, the quickest and easiest way to give the illusion of thicker, fuller hair is to invest in quality hair extensions or wigs. Now I’m not talking about extensions which are taped or glued into the hair, as over time, these will eventually tear out your natural hair which can cause more thinning issues. It’s the clip-in, temporary extensions which are the safest to use.

Wigs are also becoming way more fashionable and popular than ever before. You can change your look in an instance with a high quality wig, and no one even knows most of the time that you’re wearing one!

Choose one that has much more volume than your normal hair, and enjoy having the best hair of your life whenever you want. When you want to go out all glam with incredible, thick, flowing hair, just look at a selection of 100% human hair wigs or clip in those extensions. For days you want to tie your hair up and leave it be, you can do this with your natural hair.

Try Out a New Shampoo

Don’t stress too much if your hair is on the thinner side. You won’t have to take yourself along to a new Hair Transplant Clinic to get some more strands physically added to your head; if you’ve got a good head of hair already, and you just want some more volume to work with, you might just have to change the type of shampoo you use to give your locks a nice wash through!

Of course, we all know the power of conditioner, and how it softens and protects the ends of our hair. But people forget about the effectiveness of the shampoo we use as well; it’s made for the top of your head, to give your hair and scalp a good clean, and to help promote the essential oils your follicles themselves excrete to keep hair healthy.

That’s one of the main reasons you should avoid lathering your conditioner up there as well, unless you already have a dry scalp and need the extra help.

Throw out your old shampoo, and go out to buy yourself a new brand that won’t add all kinds of new of oils and artificial moisturisers to your hair. You don’t want to weigh your locks down, as heavy hair is a volume lover’s worst enemy! Nioxin is a good one to look for, which has really good reviews.

Similarly, make sure you don’t rub too much shampoo into your head either, and try to stick to using a penny sized squeeze every time you wash your hair through. Otherwise your hair, be it fine or otherwise, is just going to look a bit greasy and overladen.

Wrap Your Hair at Night

It’s something the people with the curliest hair known to man have been doing for hundreds of years, and now it’s time for you to follow suit. Wrapping your hair up at night, or just getting a silk pillowcase to rest your head on, is very good for maintaining the volume in your hair. Not only that, but it helps to keep your locks nice and healthy too.

When you have something gentle like silk to wrest on or wrap up in, or you just have a fine felt scrunchy to put your hair into a loose bun with, you can help to keep strand breakages to a minimum. It also means your hair won’t get too hot overnight either, leaving it frizzy and lank in the morning when you wake up; silk helps to cut humidity out, and preserve the curls or the straight you’ve spent ages ironing in the night before.

Simply put, if you have a gentle and breathable fabric to protect your hair with, make sure you’re including it as part of your beauty routine! It’s a lot cheaper on you than going out to buy as many volume promising products as you can find!

Adding volume to your hair can be a bit of a fight, as we all have different hair types and natural styles to deal with. But if you can commit to little routine changes like these, you’ll notice your hair getting more voluptuous as time goes on. Honestly, you’re going to look amazing.

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