Where Are The Best Places For Brunch In Manchester?

The best places for brunch in Manchester can be found in the Northern Quarter mainly, but there are some other hidden gems across the city.

I find that the Northern Quarter is home to a lot of quirky, independent brunch eateries, where you can get the perfect combination of quality food, a relaxing ambiance and delicious drinks.

As I get asked about the best brunch venues in Manchester a lot, I put this helpful video together…

The 5 I have highlighted include 19 Cafe Bar, Pen and Pencil, Ezra and Gil and Foundation Coffee (all situated in the Northern Quarter), and then Mr Whites English Chop House (situated on Canal Street).

Each one has their own reasons. I mean, 19 Cafe Bar is a quiet place which I feel is a hidden gem and needs to be discovered more. Their menu is one of the best!

Pen and Pencil throw a brilliant bottomless brunch, the best I’ve seen in and around Manchester. Ezra and Gil are fabulous for their all day brunch and buzzing atmosphere, Foundation Coffee for the most unique coffee’s you can slurp in the city, and Mr Whites English Chophouse for it’s sheer elegance brunch experience.

Take a watch of the YouTube video and see why I love these 5 so much! And of course, let me know if you agree/disagree…

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