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One huge gap I currently have in my wardrobe is activewear – I really struggle when shopping for this category. I mean, I love GymShark and MyProtein womens collections, but I really do have to save up and make them a bit of a special purchase.

And for someone who goes to the gym around twice a week and messes around with 3kg free weights (and does a bit of an up hill climb on the treadmill) it sometimes doesn’t warrant it.

I was looking to get a little more out of my activewear. Ideally, items that would flatter my bodyshape, items I could wear for casual weekend days out, and versatile pieces.

I was recently introduced to CYSM back in November, when looking for fitted, body enhancing shapewear. You see, CYSM aren’t especially known as an activewear or gym brand, but more so for their magnificent collection of shapewear.

Whether it’s premium shapewear or seamless shapewear, or the types to control your figure and create a more confident you, CYSM own it. Their number one goal is to celebrate the silhouette, and their collections are all about Columbian-sensuality.

They believe that if you choose your shapewear properly, you can create curves, cut out inches, and create a look of a figure you feel comfortable with. And with that comes confidence, so it’s no surprise they are popular for their shapewear ranges.

For me, I’m pretty happy with my figure, and although I’d love to hold in a swollen belly after gorging into pasta bowls week in week out, I don’t tend to need any shapewear as yet. However, for my friends who are curvier and want to enhance their curves but add a little tuck in to the waist, or rise to their chest, then hell yes this is what they should be searching for…

Luckily, CYSM retail activewear pieces too, which also work as control garments and work to the shape of your body. Just look at the top and leggings I’m sporting on these photos…

Online, you’ll find these leggings by searching for ULTRA COMPRESSION AND ABDOMEN CONTROL FIT LEGGING in GRAY JASPE. Let me tell you, these are the most body controlling and fitted leggings I have ever wore. They look small to begin with, but when I roll them onto my legs, they work with my leg shape and size, sculpting them as I pull them on. Perrrrrfect!

I can’t feel the slightest inch of fat wobble or move when these are on, yet they don’t feel too tight around my waist either. I mean, sure it’s brilliant looking completely held in, but no one wants that tight band digging into their waist, do they?

The vest top I’m wearing in the photos is really controlled and supportive around the chest, which is totally needed when us women work out! I love the colourful print on the back, yet it’s nice and classic in it’s black colour front the front.

My favourite activewear top from the site is this grey Deep Blouse – this one would go well with a range of my workout leggings!

And last but not least, this jacket that I keep on throwing on for so many occasions! Sunday walks, cleaning the house, going to the gym, opting for a jog… it’s so versatile for me and my life.

It’s the High Performance Micro Pierced Jacket in Black (they do other nice colours but you know what I’m like… love wearing black!). It’s a light, breathable jacket featuring pierced cloth, which will let your body breath while it absorbs any sweat your body could generate.

It’s soft and easy to wear. A new favourite of mine…

Have you got any new activewear pieces this year to help you feel more motivated to workout? Or, on the other topic, do you swear by shapewear, or are you yet to explore it?

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