Using Fantastic Services For Home Cleaning in Manchester

After talking about getting a cleaning service to help keep on top of my home for aaaaages, I’ve finally started to go down this route. It’s been a long time coming, with both myself and my partner working from home around three days a week, we simply treat the living room and spare rooms like work offices.

Paper, equipment, plates, mugs, snacks… nobody prepares you for how messy your house gets when you start working for yourself!

When you do spend the majority of the week working from home, the last thing you feel like doing when you close your laptop for the day is taking on a deep clean. Hell no. More like cooking a meal, and then feet up in the living room with the TV on.

I was kindly offered to collaborate with Fantastic Services to see how I enjoy using their domestic cleaning services. I mean, pretty much everyone I speak to these days are too busy with their demanding lives to keep their homes as clean as they would like. I for one definitely am, and I don’t even had kids!

Alongside being too busy and not wanting to spend my free time with a hoover/mop and bucket in hand, I don’t tend to enjoy cleaning myself. I’m much more of a tidying up person, as I can’t stand mess. But deep cleaning, scrubbing, mopping, hoovering, dusting, sweeping… well they don’t fill me with too much excitement!

Cleaners in Manchester

So, I wanted to put this blog post together to share with you my first experience of using Fantastic Services for domestic cleaning in Manchester. The reason the company stood out to me is because you can literally use them as and when you like: no contracts if you don’t want, and no extreme booking in advance.

Fantastic Services doesn’t just do domestic home cleaning: they are your one-stop shop for 25+ professional home cleaning and maintenance services, provided within Manchester, London and various parts of the UK. Some of these services include deep oven cleaning, window cleaning and gardening, however I was trying them out with a good two hour intense clean of my home.

I’ll tell you what stood out to me as excellent service also, the fact the cleaners come armed with their own high quality cleaning products and equipment. Their high-grade equipment works so much faster and smarter than the stuff I own, assisting with speed and results.

The Floors

The above and below photos show my squeaky clean floors immediately after the cleaning team left. The whole areas of laminate flooring and wooden panels were sparkling clean, right down to the skirting boards and corners of the rooms.

I stepped into my home after the cleaning had been done, and the bright shine was just sparkling away.

The same can be said for the hoovering for the carpet areas, which are predominately the bedroom, upper hall ways, staircase and then the large fluffy rugs we have around the home.

There were lots of signs of a real deep carpet hoover, which is quite hard to explain, but you know when you can see every last hoover head mark? Showing signs of a real deep, intense hoover on all carpeted areas.

The Bathroom

My bathroom looked incredible, and the first thing I noticed was the clean mirrors and glass panels that get mucky so quickly. Even when I ‘think’ I’ve gave them a deep clean, there’s usually always some form of water marks somewhere on them.

Not this time. Our shower glass panel and mirrored taps, fixtures and fittings were glistening clean. All glass areas were completely transparent, and the high shine mirrored fittings were extremely reflective.

I also noticed that they even went above and beyond, cleaning inside our little trays where we store our products, and in the inside of drawers. All the places that just get left ‘because they are out of sight’ were attended too, which of course was a lovely surprise!

It was also great to see them take out our bin bags and replace them with new ones. Just all these little extras I never expected.

The entire house smelt so fresh, clean and zesty, it’s incredibly how uplifting it can be for your mood.

How do I book Fantastic Services?

First of all, I have a code for you to use if you’re keen to book. It is EmmaFSM1 – this code gives you £10 credit on your account, for any service you would like to book at Fantastic Services.

Simply visit their website here and take a look at the areas they cover. You can then select the job you would like doing!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on Instagram as I will be sharing lots of thoughts and before/afters from Fantastic Services, so should be able to help you with booking if you’re keen!

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