How To Know When You Need A Lawyer In Life

Fortunately, most of us won’t spend much time wondering whether we need a lawyer. We know that lawyers are there when we get in a situation where we need someone to represent us; whether we’ve been involved in an accident (see these personal injury claims against amtrak), experienced medical negligence or been treated unfairly at work. 

But sometimes the areas can be a little grey, and we might not be sure whether it’s worth speaking to a lawyer about our situation.

If you find yourself in a situation where you’re toying with the idea of whether you need a professional divorce and family law company, like Peters and May, the below information may help.

So, what are these common uncertain areas in life, and do we always need legal representation for them? 


Whilst most people see marriage as a lifelong dedication to another and want their marriage to stand the test of time, sometimes divorce is the only option and that’s OK. Every couple’s situation is different and, whilst divorcing is rarely pleasant, it might be the best thing for you and your spouse. However, most people don’t know much about the process and whether they will need legal representation.

Generally, if your divorce is mutual and amicable, you won’t need a lawyer. But things can get muddy when property, savings, child custody and investments come into play. If you’re worried, it’s never a bad idea to speak to a lawyer for more information. 

A wrongful termination

Getting let go by your company is never a pleasant experience, especially if you feel you’ve had an unfair dismissal or have been discriminated against. Employment law is extremely complicated, and many people don’t fully understand their rights at work.

For any legitimate role, you will have signed a contract, and therefore reading that is always a good place to start. If things aren’t clear or you think your employer has breached the contract, speaking to a lawyer might prove helpful. 

Wills and trusts

We’re never prepared to see the death of a loved one, and the situation can be even more upsetting and stressful when wills and trusts come into play. This is why it’s always sensible to set up your own will or trust with an attorney, especially if you have a child who will be dealing with the aftermath.

This will save disputes and legal issues later down the line – although it’s not cheery stuff, of course. If someone in your family has died and you’re not sure about their will, then it could be a good idea to speak to a lawyer. 

Business start ups

If you’re looking to start your own business, the legalities can feel extremely complicated. Whether you’re the next Lord Sugar or you’re reliant on a partner, speaking to a lawyer is always recommended to make sure you’re both being lawful and are protected. It’s not worth the risk to your business.

Traffic tickets

Finally, something a little more straight forward! Whilst there are, of course, many laws about driving, a lot of people wonder whether to get legal representation when they get a traffic ticket. Generally, there’s little point in doing this. Pay the fine and move on – unless you truly feel it was unwarranted. 

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