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As a beauty blogger who suffers from acne and pigmentation, I’m always looking for new and upcoming brands I haven’t tried before to be able to recommend to my readers and followers. Of course, there are a lot that land on my desk that don’t make much of an impact, but every now and again, a collection of products comes along that really impresses me. Said brand then gets added to my recommendation list, which I start to split out into different categories: for those with normal skin, those with aging skin, and those with acne prone skin.

Everything else in the middle I like to think I can help with, however I fall into the acne, pigmentation and preventing aging categories, and along the way it’s helped me uncover loads of products which are actually much more suited for those with normal skin (who I am severely jealous of). This review is ideal for those with normal, acne prone and signs of aging, and yes, it is totally possible for a skincare range to suit all three of those skin types.

When these Typology products landed on my desk, I fell in love immediately with the packaging. How chic, slick and professional they looked, in their minimalist packaging that still managed to tell me everything I needed to know about each individual product.

I explained to the brand beforehand that as an acne sufferer, I’ve been going quite hard with acids, was I was looking for a more gentle range of products to look after my skin, cause no irritation, yet still work on keeping my skin clear, moisturised and healthy looking.

Typography is a vegan friendly, cruelty free, ethically sourced brand which is made in France, and from looking at reviews and researching on their website, I felt in good hands even before trying their products out.

And the best bit? Receiving a ‘prescription’ style card which outlined all the products recommended to me for my skin type, in the order I should use them for best results. It even mentioned other products I could bring in at different steps if I wished to, and that didn’t have to be from the brand (they recommend if I want to use my ‘favourite exfoliator’ or ‘moisturiser’ if I want to at any point). I really liked that touch, as it felt like the brand aren’t being too pushy to say you need a full AM to PM Typology regime in order to get success from the products…

Their product offering is much bigger than I imagined too, and they split it out in a very organised manner over at their product page.

So lets take a look at some of the products I recieved that I was super excited to start trying…

7-Ingredient Makeup Removing Oil

I’m normally a huge advocate for micellar water, so I was keen to use this minimalist fragrance-free makeup remover oil t switch up my routine a little. It comes as a gentle formula suitable for sensitive skin, and ss dermatologically tested and 99% naturally-derived, perfect for those days I have a full face of makeup on and those days I’m wearing none. Either way, I’ll always have some form of dirt and grime on my skin so I like to do a through cleanse first before I wash my face.

Here’s a list of the 7 key ingredients, all working in harmony to remove impurities yet keep your skin balanced, clear and nourished. It also smells very subtle of sweet almond to me, although very very slight!

1. Sweet almond oil: nourishes and improves the elasticity of the skin. It also has soothing properties to calm the skin and reduce tightness.

2. Sunflower seed oil: rich in antioxidants, this oil protects the skin against free radicals while nourishing and cleansing the skin.

3. Caprylic/Capric triglyceride: derived from coconut, this ingredient facilitates make-up removal and leaves a soft touch on the skin.

4. Polyglyceryl-4 Oleate: an emulsifier derived from coconut that allows for easy rinsing of the make-up remover oil.

5. Isopropyl isostearate: derived from rapeseed, this ingredient facilitates the removal of make-up particles.

6. Vitamin E: an antioxidant that preserves the oils in this formula and prevents them from turning rancid over time.

7. sunflower seed hybrid oil: used as a solvent in this formula, this seed oil nourishes the skin and facilitates makeup removal.

Soothing Cleansing Bar with Shea Butter

This cold saponified soap is for both the face and body, made with 8% super fats.For those days I want to take a break from my salicylic acid or glycolic cleaners, this is such a nice cleansing soap to use as it’s non-drying, doesn’t make my skin feel tight, just super clean and silky soft afterwards.

The soap is handcrafted in France and 100% of the ingredients are naturally-derived, including coconut, olive and sunflower botanical oils, and shea butter. If you want to keep your skin feeling moisturised but gently cleansed the most natural way, I highly recommend these soaps (they do a range of them!). I use either the oil mentioned above first or micellar water, and then lather the soap in my hands and massage around my entire face.

Soothing Toner
7% Niacinamide

Now I saw that Typology produces both a glycolic acid and a salicylic acid toner, which normally would be the two I’d choose. However, I’m working on soothing my skin at the moment and giving it a break from harsher acids, therefore the Niacinamide one was chosen for me and my skin right now. It’s concentrated in active ingredients to soothe redness and inflammation, reduce imperfections, and balance the complexion. So as an acne sufferer with dull skin and red marks, the Niacinamide can still work to calm the skin and reduce inflamation, without stripping my skin on any oils or drying it up.

I’m a huge fan of salicylic for keeping me pimple-free, but it can be drying. I have, however, been applying a little bit of this toner onto a cotton pad and dabbing it onto my jaw line acne and any other dull/spot prone areas, and it’s soothed them almost immediatley!

Active ingredients: Niacinamide – Rose Centifolia Hydrolate – Probiotics

Dry Skin Serum
100% Squalane

Since spending years treating my acne, my once combination and oily skin has turned into dry, dehydrated skin, lacking moisture from years of stronger acid use. This concentrated serum features a potent active ingredient of Squalane that nourishes dry skin, reduces feelings of tightness, and reduces fine lines of dehydration.

I simply apply 3 to 4 drops of the squalane serum to clean and dry skin each morning and evening., or sometimes just the evening. You can choose to mix it into your favourite moisturiser if you wish, however I choose to use it alone.

After using and once absorbed, I use a night cream afterwards and always wake up with real glowy, fresh, moisturised skin.

Hydrating Serum
3% Hyaluronic Acid + 2% B5

This is a concentrated serum which I tend to use more in the day time before I put my makeup on, because I literally can’t rave about Hyaluronic acid enough for dewy, plumped skin. It has 3% HA and 2% B5 as part of it’s active ingredients to rehydrate the skin, and it works a treat for those with dry skin, and those who are trying to slow down the signs of aging.

Botanical Oil
Organic Sweet Almond

Once of the reasons I was so happy to have this organic sweet almond oil added to the product range is that it’s known to be a fabulous oil for soothing and minimising scars and marks, which I happen to have lots of from acne! It’s nice to break off from constantly treating the break outs, and instead work on soothing any marks and nourishing any skin areas that need to be rejuvenated.

Sweet almond oil is a well respected ingredient for it’s high nourishing properties. It is also known to be soothing and healing, while protecting the skin barrier. It’s great for all skin types and most issues, due to having a high vitamin E content which offers rejuvenating antioxidant properties, so it’s super protecting. I used this for the first time after I’d been in the sun a little too long, and it felt incredible on my warm skin, soothing the heated areas and added a dewy, healthy glow.

You can also use this oil on your hair and body too, leaving a glistening sheen. It’s known to improve hair health, applied to damp of dry hair to assist with softening and strengthening

I’d recommend trying this brand if you have ethical stances when it comes to skincare, you’re keen to use raw and natural ingredients on your skin, and you want to use a skincare regime that has been carefully put together to work for you. My selection avoid the harsher acids, but only because I’m currently breaking off for a short while. I have spied some fantastic Salicylic acid and glycolic acid products on the Typology site that I’m keen to add to my products in a month or so!

To sum up my review, I think the comment from the founders hits the nail on the head: “I wanted to create a radical new skincare brand. For too long, the world of skincare had been defined by exaggerated promises and suspect chemicals. After gathering a team of health and skincare experts, we set out together to challenge the industry. We chose to go back to basics.”

A fabulous skincare brand that I have confidence in, and as an added bonus, it looks super stylish on my bathroom shelf!

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