Improving Your Home Without The Need To Renovate

If you’re addicted to social media, like Pinterest and Instagram, you’ll find one of the fastest growing areas on these image sharing platforms is interiors. It’s so easy to loose hours, endlessly scrolling through image after image of beautiful homes.

Social media makes it so so easy for us to gain inspiration at the tap of a button (or a scroll of the thumb!). Pinterest and Instagram continually give us insights into others peoples homes, show homes, interior styling and home accessories, which can encourage us to get modernising our homes.

It depends what type of person you are, as to which way you’ll go. Some people seem just naturally appear to be ‘do-it-yourselfers’, working tirelessly on getting their hands dirty doing up their home. For me, well, you could say I’m pretty useless. I’m a dab hand at painting and visualising how I want things, but I think that’s where it stops!

One of the main reasons some of us aim to avoid using DIY professionals in our homes is because these can end up pricey. This, and undergoing renovations in general at your home, can be a hefty project raking up a lot of cash (not to mention timely, too).

So step aside renovations. Below, I’ve rounded up some easier and more creative ways to improve the look and feel of our homes, without knocking down walls or spending a small fortune.

1. Make the rooms look bigger

Homes that come with those open plan layouts and spacious room always feel bigger and less cluttered. You tend to get this with new builds, where the lounge flows open plan into a dining room, with a kitchen at the side. These encourage the flow of kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms and to let the light shine through the home.

Even if you have a small home, there are still some tricks you can do. The first thing to note is to remove or switch up any chunky, blocky style furnishings. Armchairs and old bulky tables are culrpits for hogging space, and can quite affordably be swapped for more compact, slimline options. A glass coffee table that allows you to see through to the floor beneath it is a great little trick!

Other items worth switching up for include slimline, clean line stools, tables which can fold away, or stacking chairs and tables. Beds with under storage, like pull out drawers, are also a godsend.

If you’re front room is super tiny and feels crammed as soon as you step inside, look at working mirrors carefully around the room. These give the illusion of open space, especially when places facing windows so that the light can freely bounce off the mirror and reflect across the rest of the room (or off other mirrors too!).

2. Remove patterned carpets

Carpets have an aging effect, but even more so if these carpets are ‘busy’ and feature a print or bold colours. Fluffy grey and cream carpets can make a room look more streamlined, modern and spacious, but anything patterened tends to be best left in the past.

The ultimate flooring option to update your home is to switch up any old carpets for engineered wood flooring, especially in dining rooms and kitchens. This looks sleek and elegant, and the natural oak shades available can brighten up the home and appear more premium. These also allow for underfloor heating, and are super easy to clean – great for families!

Wood is a material that never dates, no matter what happens to the home interior trend industry. Clean, fresh looking wood panels give that minimalist, fuss-free appearance, and can be quite affordable if you shop around.

3. Use neutral paints

Homes that appear sleek and visually bigger tend to be those with a more neutral, subtle decor. Wallpapers with prints and mis-matched furniture is a sure fire way to date your property from the inside, so try to avoid anything that looks ‘busy’.

It’s amazing what a lick of paint can do. It goes beyond freshening up the walls, too. You can paint over old wooden chairs, storage units, cabinets and tables. White, cream, beige and grey tend to be the best shades to make your home look ‘newer’ and more modern.

By using a more muted, neutral colour palette, you’re helping your home look more clean and fuss-free, plus it provides a blank canvas for any other ideas you may have down the line.

4. Update any lighting fixtures

Nothing makes a room look dull and depressing than a poorly lit one. Poor lighting can automatically make a space look smaller, too, as it’s amazing how much bigger a room can appear when you have natural day light, or brighter LED lights fitted.

Again, you don’t have to spend a fortune. Have a good old shop around for lamps which are sleek and tall, and sit on the floor. Table lamps with exposed bulbs and modern features can also do the job!

For all round modern and updated lighting around the home, the best bet is to update old ceiling fixtures with LED’s and those premium looking fitted spotlights. These look amazing in kitchens and dining rooms.

Remember to step back and look at what you’ve got, and figure out how to work with your home’s space and rooms. Cosmetic changes can make a significant difference, it’s just about knowing what to use, and when.

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