FOREO Bear Micro-Current Device Review: Is It Really a Workout for your Face?

I first discovered FOREO around four years ago, when their LUNA devices were making waves across the beauty industry, and at-home devices were beginning to become ‘a thing’. As someone who has always suffered from acne and dull skin, these devices made me feel excited to know that I could give myself a deep cleansing, exfoliating and brightening facial at-home, taking another step further when it comes to looking after my skin.

I’ve talked fondly about FOREO and their Luna devices over the year. I even remember years ago going to a FOREO training session when I worked for a beauty retailer, and being drawn in by their oral care – honestly when I have a child, I’ll be investing in a FOREO ISSA toothbrush for them. They are so hygienic and easy to use!

But anyway, moving on to 2020, and I’ve been super lucky to try out their latest facial launch: FOREO Bear. It’s a new anti-aging micro-current device which is said to resemble a workout for your face, lifting and toning as it goes. So, I’ve owned this now for the past month: what do I really think about it?

Well it goes without saying I’m team FOREO, and team facial devices in general, as I’m hugely into skincare and the science behind our muscles and cell renewal. CurrentBody is one of my favourite online retailers, as it’s literally an online store dedicated to the best, advanced facial devices out there, and happens to be a top stockist for FOREO.

As I’m 34, I’m more interested in advanced devices and products that work to tackle all the initial signs of ageing, which for me include fine lines, loss of elasticity, and ‘saggier’, fuller looking skin. A lot is to be said for our facial muscles, and the ‘slacker’ they go, which contributes to making our skin and complexion look older.

The tighter and more toned the facial muscles, the more youthful and fresh your skin will appear. Tightening my facial muscles isn’t something I was actively focusing on, or practising before, as I didn’t really know how to. I’ve always been quite ‘on it’ when it comes to looking after my skin, but that kinda of covers booking in for microdermabrasion, experimenting with microneedling, peels when I need a fresher, exfoliated treatment, and using effective products during my at-home routine.

Tightening and toning my face? It’s a new practice for me, but with the help of FOREO Bear, I think I’ve nailed it!

How does it work? I hear you ask? According to FORE, the microcurrent technology stimulates the muscles which cause cell growth and collagen production, to tackle fine lines and wrinkles. This particular device has been dubbed the ‘five-minute facial’ but you should be using it a couple of times a week to keep up the results.

It’s like going to the gym. If you go once and love what it’s done, it’s not going to remain if you never return. And the same can be said for your face. One treatment of the FOREO Bear isn’t going to give you a more refined, youthful appearance for the next five years. But by incorporating this device into your skincare and self-care regime a few times weekly, you’ll reap the results.

The Bear has five microcurrent intensities, and the bigger size means you can easily do the whole face in four minutes. It’s actually so easy to use. I mean, I read the instructions and watched a YouTube video before I used it as I was anxious about using it wrong. But it’s actually quite fool proof. I do recommend watching their step-by-step video here though first, as it just tells you everything you need to know, so you literally can’t go wrong. (I also met Chris in this video at a FOREO event last year and he did a Luna facial on me and he’s literally a skin genius! With a complexion to die for, may I add…).

Before you use this device, it’s important to use a water based serum applied to your entire face first. I have the FOREO Serum Serum Serum which came alongside my FOREO Bear, which has been designed to perfectly work with the microcurrent device. It’s a micro-capsule infused formula which ensures maximum penetration of youth-preserving antioxidants, and is completely safe to use. You can use any water based serum, if you have another favourite though. This one in particular uses skin-smoothing squalane – an ingredient I’m a huge fan of – which sinks in deeper, works better and stays locked beneath your skin longer.

What does the facial feel like?

You simply start at the bottom of your jaw, and work upwards towards your hairline, in slow, steady strokes. As the device uses a lifting and tightening technology, it just feels a slight tingle – the microcurrent is painless, so there’s no strange prickly feelings at all. There’s also no downtime, as you shouldn’t expect to finish the session with a bright red, raw looking face. I would say it’s not unusual to have a little bit of pink especially the first few times using this device, but luckily I didn’t see anything.

If the slight tingle doesn’t suit you, you can simply just turn down the intensity, as there are a number of intensity levels to choose from when using the device. It’s all ran from the app, too. You download this before you begin, and you can control the whole thing from your phone! This also gives you the warranity too, which is great.

For those still feeling a little dubious, the Bear comes with a built in anti-shock system, which measures your skin’s resistance to electricity and adjusts the microcurrent output to best suit your skin. I can kinda only describe the sensation as tingly and pulsating – if that makes sense!

I’ve used the device on around 6 occasions up to now, and I’ve started to see a firmer, softer and more glowy complexion with each use. The results didn’t show after the first application – I’d say it was upon my third session with the FOREO Bear that I thought my skin was starting to look more tighter, fresher and in general, healthier. It actually feels like a real effective facial massage and workout for the skin, and I personally love the feeling of my muscles working underneath to tighten and tone.

If you’re in your early thirties like me, I can’t knock this device. I also suffer from acne and scarring, and the Bear absolutely doesn’t get in the way of this, although I will add my acne is more localised to my jawline and not so much all over, so obviously I can’t comment on everyone.

It’s fairly pricey, available at CurrentBody for £279. This is where I would suggest it as an investment product. Save money on CACI facials and other toning treatments (absolutely not knocking them – I’ve had these before and they are fantastic but they me cost an arm and a leg so couldn’t keep them up!) by using a device regularly at home, and you’ll get much more from your money this way, in my opinion…

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