Typology Skin Diagnosis Tool and Products I’m Loving

A few months back, I talked about a skincare brand in which I’ll confidently say is one of the most attractive looking brands in terms of aesthetics and packaging. Typology products are the ultimate in sleek, contemporary and simplified products, that state exactly what they deliver on the label, with that premium, modern look on your bathroom shelf.

I reviewed the brand here a while back, and regularly take to my Instagram to rave about the Niacinamide Toner, which I believe contributed to easing my jawline and chin acne I suffered badly with a few months ago. But since then, I’ve been lucky to try out more of the extensive Typology range, and have always been really pleased with the results.

Let’s be honest: skincare can be a minefield. There are thousands of brands, ingredients and ranges out there that if you’re looking for a certain product in particular, it might be hard knowing where to start. Before jumping into Typology reviews and my favourite picks, I wanted to touch on their Diagnosic tool recently launched on their website, which I honestly feel a lot of brands should learn from…

The Skin Diagnostic page is a great introduction tp the Typology brand, if you’re new to it and don’t know where to start. Some people are very ‘on it’ woith their skin, their skins needs and concerns. Others have absolutley no idea, and whichever one you are, the diagnosis works online to deliver a ‘prescription’ of products needed for you.

As they state on the site, your skin is a reflection of your health and your environment. The better we take care of it, the better it looks. Their diagnosis helps with discovering your own typology, how best to protect your skin and the right ingredients to help it thrive.

I did the diagnosis even after I already had some firm favourites from the brand that I was loving (the Niacinimide toner and 7 Ingredient Micellar Water being two that always stand out to me). However, it’s good to hear from the brand themselves what ingredients I should be looking at in a bid to keep working on my skin concerns.

Try it yourself – I highly recommend it. If anything, it will give you a starting point and ingredients to go away and research and learn about why you might benefit from incorporating them into your daily skincare regime.

Typology Tinted Serums

The tinted serums containing Vitamin C, Squalane & Aloe Vera are a brand new launch at £24.80 per bottle, which I have been trying out since the end of September. I was lucky to be able to jump on a Zoom call with the brand when they launched, to hear the brand experts talk about the making of the serums and the benefits they create.

In a nutshell, while many of us are working from home and going much more low-key with skin coverage (I know I have been), these silicon-free, non-clogging tinted serums provide light coverage and a natural no-makeup finish, yet slightly diffusing dull skin and imperfections.

They feel so lovely to apply when massaged into the skin, too. I just simply dip the applicator into the product, squeezing the little bulb to take up a small amount of product. I usually use a brush for any foundation or BB cream, but for some reason I’ve stuck to using my fingers for these.

I apply 3 to 4 drops of tinted serum to my skin, mainly putting the most on my cheeks where I have the most pigmentation. I lightly massage it in, and if I feel like I need extra coverage under my eyes or to cover the sun damage on my forehead, I’ll add a touch of concealer and set my whole complexion with a dusting of powder. I guess it depends where I’m going that given day!

Because they are formulated with vitamin C, they provide that boost of radiance, which I always need. Anyone who has suffered acne, clogged pores and pigmentation will understand how a brightening boost can make such a difference to dull, marked skin. However, the squalane adds to the hydration, so the skin gets it’s nourishment, plus aloe vera which I like as an added bonus for calming.

And let’s not forget one of the key points: these serums are made from a 99% naturally-derived formula. Always a winner!

Below, I’ve shared the list of shades that these come in, which gives a bit of guidance towards picking the right one for you. I have two of the shades which I have experimented with mixing together too, when I’ve wanted to warm up the shade a little or apply more for slightly more coverage:

TYPE 1: Fair with cool undertones. This is for fair skin with freckles that doesn’t tan and becomes red in the sun.
TYPE 2: Light. Recommended for light skin with pink or yellow undertones that tans gradually and is prone to sunburns.
TYPE 3: Medium. This shade is for medium-toned skin with warm or olive undertones, which tans easily but sometimes burns.
TYPE 4: Tan. For dark skin with predominantly bronze undertones that occasionally sunburns.
TYPE 5: Medium dark. This is for light brown skin that rarely gets sunburned and easily tans in the sun.
TYPE 6: Dark. The shade for dark brown skin with naturally cold undertones that rarely sunburns.

Of course, I have only tried the range of products from Typology which have been advised for my skin type, so I can’t comment on every single product, however I love how they literally tell you exactly what you’re getting ingredient wise.

For example, the Niacinamide Toner I rave about is a soothing toner and features 7% niacinamide. Once I’m no longer pregnant, I’m going to try and switch to the Salicylic Acid Toner which contains 1% Salicylic Acid, because I’m prone to breakouts quite often. The Soothing Facial Soap I use contains 8% fatty acids, is handcrafted in France. Again it’s 100% naturally-derived, and is made up of Coconut, Olive, and Sunflower Botanical Oils with Shea Butter.

If you have pigmentation or anti aging concerns, you’ll find a wide range of products which have percentages of glycolic acid in them, which are great for shedding away old skin cells and revealing fresher, younger looking skin. Whatever your concern, the ingredients are always broken down and come hand-in-hand with a description of the skincare issue and concern to be addressed.

Take a look at the super chic site and see what you think!

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