Top 5 UK Staycation Holiday Ideas for 2020

Let’s be honest, after the past few months, we’re all getting used to the idea that are foreign and abroad travel plans will be on hold for a while. Those holidays to sunny Spain or foodie trips to Italy might have to hold off until another year, but that’s OK. If lockdown has taught me anything, it’s to appreciate the natural beauty the UK has to offer.

Plus, there are other benefits to holidaying in the UK and embarking on a Staycation. You’ll more often than none save money, and you’ll minimise your carbon footprint, making a carefully planned staycation the answer to your holiday guilt.

Luckily, here in the UK, we have an abundance of stunning landscapes, bustling cities and entertainment filled beaches which cater for couples and families alike. You can choose somewhere that is super quiet and romantic, or action packed and crazy. You can also tailor your UK trips to be based around forests, scenery, bike riding, or whatever you’re into.

Below are some of the best places to visit in the UK for your next staycation:


York is a dreamy city, seeped in history, charm and character. It is pretty much exactly what you would envisage when you picture a typical old English scene.

Here, you’ll find a captivating city enclosed with medieval walls, but yet on the meandering streets, you’ll find modern gems and contemporary hotels and bars.

A staycation trip to York means you’re close to the Yorkshire Dales and the North York Moors, so if you like walking, it’s also a place that ticks the box for that too.


If you’re looking for a place near to the British coastline, that boasts sea views yet isn’t an over popular, over-crowded holiday spot, Dorset coyld be ideal. It’s a staycation destination which feels relaxed, yet littered with beauty spots and places to see. From Jurassic Coast and Lyme Regis, through to Charmouth, West Bay and Bridport, you can fill your days with trips around the charming villages. Plenty of beach days are to be had here, aling with coastal strolls and country road drives.

Staying close to Lyme Bay is an ideal location to be at the center of most attractions, whether you’re with friends, a partner, or part of a big family. By choosing to stay in Dorset Holiday Cottages, you can make it a home away from home, with the freedom to cook for your family yourself, or drive out to a country pub.

Isle of Skye, Scotland

If stunning scenery is your thing, and you’re keen to take on a northern adventure, it could be worth looking at somewhere breathtaking like the Isle of Skye.

You could even tie it in with a week trip to Scotland, visiting the bustling city of Edinburgh first, and then spending 4 days more secluded at the Isle of Sky.

Here, you’ll witness some of Scotland’s most inspiring and peaceful looking landscapes that you’ll never have seen before. Honestly, the views are said to be like witnessing scenes from old films, it’s so untouched and pretty. Some people also say that if you visit here during clear weather, with sparkling skies, you might even be able to see a little bit of the Northern Lights! Imagine that, not even having to travel out of the UK for it!


Some of you may know about Straford-upon-avon as the home of Shakespeare, and a place Skakespeare fans flock to in a bid to see all the places the poet was inspired by. The place still seeps that 16th-century charm, but if you’re not a huge Shakespeare fan, then don’t worry – this quaint, historic town is enjoyable for everyone.

If you are keen on theatres and shows, then The Royal Shakespeare Theatre and its two sister theatres – The Swan and The Other Place – are totally worth checking out. fter you’ve enjoyed a traditional play, there are an array of classic style pubs to enjoy ales and hearty meals!

Alongside this, the center focus is a lovely wide park area, where the river flows through taking visitors on boat trips. If you come here on a warm day, you can enjoy a picnic under the sweeping weeping willow trees, watching the boats sale by.


Just typing this name makes me crave a deliciously sweet bakewell tart! Although, if you want to get down with the locals, one of the first things to understand when you visit Bakewell is that this local delicacy is known as the Bakewell pudding to the people of the town!

You’ll find Bakewell nestled in The Peak District, surrounded by lovely cycling trails and walking routes. A lot of people ensure they visit the towns local markets when they head here, or plan a day out at public hotspot Chatsworth House.

Bakewell makes for a cute little weekend break, in which you can then head off to other beauty spots scattered around The Peak District.

Any other favourites I’ve missed off? Let me know some of your favourites!

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