T3 Whirl Trio Large Barrel Loose Waves Look

I adore wavy hair- so much so that I try to give myself a wavy hair session at least once or twice a week. There’s one thing I don’t enjoy though, which is dedicating the time to actually do it.

I’m really lazy when it comes to my hair. I have no patience to be stood there for 30-40 minutes delicately wrapping hair around barrel wands, working in small sections and creating neat, work-of-art curls and waves.

Of all the wavy looks, loose, bouncy and volume style waves are the types that I love the most, so when I got my hands on the T3 Whirl Trio interchangeable wand device from Currentbody, the larger barrel of the 3 was the one I was drawn to first. The device comes with a T3 Convertible Handle, allowing for either the 1-inch Straight Barrel, the 1.25 – 1.75-inch Tapered Barrel or the 1.5-inch Straight Barrel to be switched up, depending on the type of waves you’re after.

The photos in today’s blog post show how the waves look after using the 1.5 inch straight barrel, and only using it for around 10 minutes…

I decided to film the process of using this tool, to create quick, achievable volume waves, and without being a perfectionist when it comes to the technique. It’s Summer now (well pretty much) and it’s warm and stuff to be clipping sections of hair everywhere and carefully wrapping the same sized hair sections around the wand.

I wanted to be able to take random large sections of hair, wrap them around, hold for 10-15 seconds, and let go to release a loose, beach style wave. Nothing too tight or ‘styled’ – just that natural volume look.

I shared the video on my Instagram post (I had a nightmare with the music for some reason even though I own the soundtrack, Instagram just keeps removing it) so it doesn’t come with a fancy backing track, but it should show you how I manage to create the bouncy look without being a perfectionist at all!

The T3 Whirl Trio retails at £240, and gives you the results of three different waving and curling wands, in one handy luxury device. It’s mega easy to use, I didn’t actually read the manual but I do suggest that you do!

One of the best parts about this device is that it uses Tourmaline and Ceramic technology to emit negative ions and infrared heat, which work to eliminate damage to your hair. So you can rest assured it’s not super harsh to your locks (I’d recommend a heat protection spray either way though).

The ionic element then seals the hair for a smooth, silky finish that’ll last. I hardly used any hair spray on my hair and I found the bouncy waves stayed all day. You also have got five different heat settings to choose from, so you can perfectly tailor the device to your hair.

Find the T3 Whirl Trio available at CurrentBody here.

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