Tips To Create Your Own Dream Home Office

When I first went self employed, I found myself answering the same question to a lot of people: don’t you get fed up, working from home?

For most people, I can see why it might seem a little like cabin fever. But luckily, as I’m a blogger and content creator, my job takes me out a little, so to speak. So I’m not always stuck inside my four walls, driving myself insane.

I get to go to events, meetings, dinners and experience days to review for the blog, so I’m usually only at home 2-3 days a week. And those days I am, I absolutely love it. I’m the stereotypical working-from-home freelancer. I work in my PJ’s for as long as I can (until my boyfriend shouts at me!)

Working from home can be wonderful; you have the option to wake up later, avoid morning commutes, cook up lovely homemade lunches and even pop out to the gym in the day, if work allows.

I did spend the start of 2018 working from an office in Manchester, which of course, had many benefits. I had the mentality that I was travelling to work, making the effort to turn up to an office which made me feel more motivated. Plus, there’s something nice about styling up an office in Manchester to be a little cosmopolitan and ‘cool’.

However, the costs are something I can’t quite justify with being a one-man-band freelancer. Luckily, there are companies which specialise in office removals (and home moves!) who can assist with moving your office to another building in the city, or even transporting your office move to your home.

As well as being cost-effective, a home office is the best of both worlds. It is the room in your house reserved for all things business. Shut the door to buckle down, but wander freely into the kitchen for snacks at will. I’m not entirely happy with mine at the moment, although it’s getting better month by month. It’s not quite my ‘dream office’, but I’m working on it!

So if you’re renting an expensive space in Manchester and are looking at office removals manchester to switch office location, or bring that city life office to your home, read on.

Here are 10 tips for creating your own dream home office on a budget.

1. Have an unused loft?

A loft is the perfect choice for a home office, for someone like me who needs separation between their living space and office. If you’re a homeowner, you are probably always looking for more space in your home. You may have considered renovating a basement or create a completely new room with an addition. If you already have a loft space in your home, you should use it to your advantage! Lofts make stylish and completely fabulous home offices, with their slanted walls and private feeling.

Having a loft conversion and turning a loft into a home office has become increasingly popular. More and more homeowners are working from home and need an office, it’s definitely something I’m thinking about so I can get that ‘separation’ feeling, which is hard to achieve.

2. Let there be light

The most inspiring and stunning home offices are those that embrace natural light, so look at ways to do this. Before choosing the room in your home which is perfect for the office (if you are lucky enough to have a choice), assess the window and lighting situations.

My dream office would not only feature a large window, but it would also have Fixed Glass Rooflights. You know those beautiful windows that you find in gorgeous homes when you look up, and they just let natural light flood in? Imagine having that in your office, lighting up your working space.

If you’re unfortunate to not have access to much light, look at using mirrors to bounce light around as much as possible, and invest in white LED lights to avoid the false yellow bulblight soom lights can give.

3. Go green

An important home trend is looking for ways to be greener. You can do this by looking into smaller computers, electrical outlets, and phone chargers that save energy. Don’t forget to turn off lights and unplug chargers when you are not using them, and recycle paper.

4. Revamp what you already have.

You’d be surprised to find what you can do with furniture and items you already own. For example, look around your house for much-needed office items like lamps and storage. An old bedside table can be given a lick of white paint and used as a draw to file away important documents, and hold a nice photo frame or inspirational print.

There may be candles and coasters from other rooms you can bring in for a cute touch, and don’t forget to look for rugs you could move into the office to give it a cosier feel.

5. Keep it bright and spacious

For me, I have to have bright and light colours that play the perfect backdrop for anything I may need to bring in. So for example, white and light grey are my colours of choice.

White walls mean you have the freedom for any type of wall art to be hung. Perhaps add light grey or statement colour rugs or accessories to inject your personal touch. Try and keep the room clutter free, as a cluttered room brings on a cluttered mind.

There is nothing more motivating than opening your door to a clear, neat, tidy home office!

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