REVIEW: Using IMAGE Skincare After My IMAGE Lightening Lift Treatments

I recently took to the blog and my insta stories to share a recent skincare treatment process. All I can say is The response I’ve had from the back of it has been so positive, and it made me feel super happy to share the raw photos to everyone.

The treatment was the IMAGE Skincare Lightening Lift – a series of three facial peels carried out at The Lynton Clinic. You can read about the full experience along with before and after photos here.

I mean, you can only really see a true result when you have raw before and after photos. No editing, no filters. Just my skin starting from August, and finishing in October.

I had my consultation at The Lynton Clinic with one of their top therapists and skin experts, Emma, who really does know her stuff when it comes to skin. I told her in depth about my journey over the years with acne, then scarring, and more recently, sun damage and pigmentation, as well as hormonal pigmentation.

It didn’t take her and the team long to realise that the pigmentation I have scattered across my forehead, upper cheeks and jaw would benefit from undergoing a series of facial peels. As The Lynton Clinic use professional skincare brand IMAGE, it was advised that in order to get the best results – along with long lasting results – a full skincare regime using IMAGE would benefit me.

I’ve been using an array of IMAGE products since attending the clinic in August, therefore I felt it was useful to share with you exactly what products I’m using, and how I’ve found them.

IMAGE are known as an industry leader in product development, using plant stem cells and peptides to create effective formulations. They pride themselves with having a 360 degree approach to skincare, addressing every skin type and skin concern, and delivering professional results.

Let’s take a look:

Firstly, I’ve been cleansing using the ORMEDIC Balancing Facial Cleanser, with the green packaging. I use it with my Magnitone cleansing brush, where the smallest bit goes such a long way. I love how this product lathers up nicely, and has a lovely refreshing scent (but very very subtle, as I only really like unscented or very lightly scented facial washes).

You honestly only need a tiny pea sized amount and it cleanses pretty much everything away! I still use a micellar water before using a facial wash (my habits!), but after this step I don’t feel any need to use a toner, unless I’ve got pesky breakouts and I need that extra salicylic acid step.

No drying out of the skin – just clear, cleansed, squeaky clean skin.

I have a slightly different regime during the day and the evening, so for the day – once I’ve used the balancing facial cleanser – I apply the Vital C hydrating anti-aging serum. I’ve always sworn by using a serum before a moisturiser, mainly as what I call a ‘treatment step’.

Just ask yourself – what is my main concern? For me, while undergoing my facial peels with IMAGE, it was pigmentation and full skin. So it makes sense to use a brightening, skin smoothing and hydrating serum. This one is also great for aging skin, which as I am now 33, it is important for me to start utilising anti-aging products into my regime.

Of course, it’s hard to pinpoint the exact highlights of each product as I have been using these at the same time as the peels, but my skin has been looking so much brighter and clearer, which you can see from the photos. I’m guessing this serum has been doing it’s job: softening the appearance of wrinkles while supporting collagen and protecting my skin against oxidative damage.

I also feel like it’s light orange scent and beautiful finish wakes me – and my skin – up in the morning!

I leave this to sink in for around 5 minutes, before slathering on the PREVENTION+ daily ultimate protection moisturizer SPF 50 – which I really need to ensure I don’t get any more sun damage, making my current problem worse.

It’s a high-level sunscreen which is of a thick texture, so a weeny weeny bit goes a long way. I genuinley love the texture – I feel like because it is so thick and creamy yet fast absorbing, you can feel it nourishing as you massage it in.

As well as being ideal for my current skin situation and under going peels, it’s an ideal choice for holidays, sports, outdoor activities and high sun exposure, yet gentle enough for post-procedure skin. It contains SPF 50 along with a blend of plant stem cells and potent antioxidants to protect skin against the effects of free radical damage caused by environmental exposure.

For the evening, I’ll use the balancing facial wash again, but this time I bring in the addition of the ILUMA Intense Brightening Exfoliating Powder. Now this product is incredible and has to be one of my favourites. Not only does it smell of a sweet shop (mmmm), it can be sprinkled onto your hands and massaged into your face during the cleansing stage, just after or at the same time as the gel wash.

It works as a water-activated, micro-exfoliating cleansing powder to gently polishes and buff away radiance-impairing dead skin cells. For someone like me who needs brightening and illuminating help, it works a treat. I really do believe that this product along with the serums I’ve been using have helped me reach the best results during my lightening lift peels, and are continuing to keep the pigmentation and dull skin at bay while my peels have now finished.

It’s ideal for all skin types too. I found out that as well as smoothing uneven skin texture and working its brightening magic, this powder preps the skin to better absorb active ingredients in the ILUMA serums. Must be why the next product is also a firm favourite…

The next step I take it to apply the ILUMA intense brightening serum. I just use one pump of this, which is a quick-absorbing serum designed to work on correcting my skin discoloration and redness.

Again, as I’ve been using this with the exfoliating powder, brightening serum in the day, and the series of peels, my skin discoloration and pigmentation has completely lightened and improved. I honestly believe that all of these used together daily for the last three months has had a massive, positive impact on my skin. This serum has gave a calming and brightening solution without irritating my skin.

It contains a blend of botanical brighteners and vitamin C, which work to give that clear, even-toned complexion. On the website, IMAGE mention that this is an ideal product for those skins that prefer a hydroquinone-free product, which is great to know as I almost considered hydroquinone when my pigmentation was really getting me down.

The final product I’ve been enjoying using is my last step before bedtime – the MAX™ stem cell crème. This is again quite a thick, intense texture so I use one pump spread across my face, focusing a little more on the areas where I have fine lines, like the sides of my mouth and forehead.

I feel like this product is super special: it is designed deliver maximum results overnight with their groundbreaking formula, easing lines and wrinkles and really firming the skin. It takes on the concept of plant’s survival capabilities in harsh conditions, promoting the longevity of skin cells and encouraging moisture retention. The result is to deliver a high concentration of peptides that reduce the appearance of wrinkles and support collagen remodeling, along with a plant-based tightening complex that visibly smoothes the skin.

Peptides have the ability to ‘freeze’ muscles to ease away those deep and fine lines, so think or it as an alternative to botox while you sleep!

A huge thank you to IMAGE skincare for supporting me during my series of peels with a fantastic product range I feel confident using now my treatment has ended. The products haven’t disrupted or kicked off my acne – which I prayed they wouldn’t – and instead are professionally keeping my pigmentation and discoloration at bay,

If I can keep up this newly brightened, smoother skin, I’ll be super happy!

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