Thoughtful Ways To Show People You Are Thinking Of Them

Since the pandemic hit, sales have soared for gifts all over the country. Being apart from family, friends and partners has had huge emotional and mental effects on so many people, as we never really thought we’d be in a situation where we can’t just pop by to our parents home for a cup of tea!

I’ve been in lockdown with my partner, which as nice as that is, it’s awful not knowing when I can properly see my family and friends again. Of course, lockdown measures are starting to ease. On my journey to the post office today I saw various drive thru’s open, chippies, and even a pub selling crates of craft ales through a window hatch!

When we’re apart from loved ones, the best thing to do is to keep in touch as much as possible, but remember that not everyone likes zoom calls or FaceTime. Although you can expect royal mail delays on post, there are some lovely, thoughtful ways of telling people you miss them and are thinking of them through good old traditional snail mail.

1 . Hand written letters with photographs

Imagine how lovely it would be to receive a hand written letter from your sister, best friend, parents or partner, in a traditional envelope, on writing paper? Like, as in the beautiful letter writing sets we once used to get?

Imagine opening up the envelope and finding photographs, printed onto proper photograph paper, to keep, not just to digitally own. If you can, get hold of some lovely fresh writing paper and pick up a pen and write down your thoughts to someone you love. Think about fun times, loving memories, happy experiences together – times you have laughed so much!

Pick a bundle of cherished photographs and pop them inside, and send them through royal mail with a stamp. Honestly, you can’t beat it

2 . Opt for thoughtful card

If you’re not the best with letter writing or you just can’t really sit down for long enough to put letters together (it’s not a bad thing, some people have small children or stressful jobs and the last thing they want to do is to start writing letters during the day!), then cards are always a winner.

You can choose a personalised card which reflects the person you are sending it too. Think of them opening it up, and consider what would put a smile on their face. Cards can be perfect keepsakes when selected carefully, so spend some time scrolling options and send one in the post. You can sign it from yourself, include a hand print from your children, or a paw print from your pet!

3. Illustrations and drawings

For those who love home interiors and decor trends, look at sending them a wall print gift they can hang on a wall or prop up on a side table/bedside cabinet. If you’re a good drawer on the quiet, why not take pencil to paper and draw a sketch of the two of you together, in happier times? If you can’t draw or paint, you can always look online for sketch and illustration prints that can be customised or share a lovely message.

I run a store on Etsy called Powder Rooms Shop which offers poem prints and line drawing illustrations, in case you want ready made professional ones!

A cheaper alternative to ready made designs is to select a photo you have on your computer, open it up in a photo editing software (Photoshop is obviously ideal but appreciate we don’t all own it!) and you can change the photo in question to a sketch/cartoon image. These can also make lovely gifts!

4. A sweetie bundle or baking box

If you’re missing family who have small children, why not put together a box filled with delicious sweeties and chocolate? You can put a theme to the box, either my colour or sweetie brand, and fill it up along with a note to your cousins, niece, nephews – whichever children you want to gift.

If you know they love baking, you could also include ingredients for their mum or dad to bake with them. Perhaps something fun like Smartie cookies, or vanilla sponge cupcakes with Disney Princess sticker on the icing?

Remember that although times are tough and we’re being kept apart, it’s for our own safety and health, and staying safe at home can help us become more grateful of our relationships and families.

Have a little think about what you could send, and make someone smile over the coming weeks!

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