Sara Miller London Celestial Side Plates

If you’ve been seeing any of my recent posts about my new store that I have launched over on Etsy, you’ll see that I’m a huge fan of stars and celestial ‘things’. I launched my print shop a couple of months back, with the idea of creating empowering prints for women and their homes.

The best seller so far is the range of Zodiac prints, which feature each star sign and a unique poem written by myself for each sign. Each design is finished off with a hand drawn illustration, and they have been making lovely gifts for those celebrating birthdays or just wanting to share something a little magical in their homes.

With my love for all things stars and universe, I was drawn to this set of beautiful side plates from Sara Miller London when looking to update some of my kitchen accessories. Of course I would choose the set adorned with pretty gold stars, yet still looking very minimal and sleek…

The Celestial side plate set from Sara Miller look premium and whimsical with delicate gold stars and 22-carat-gold embellishments. I would say they are designed to use for special celebrations or to create an elegantly festive table setting – but I’ve been using them everyday as normal because I believe nothing should be saved for best!

I started baking a delicious raspberry crumb dessert last night, and as soon as it was cool enough to eat, two slices were cut up and displayed onto these new side plates for me and my partner to tuck in.

I mean, I’m all about special kitchenware and I fully understand the benefit of saving your precious plates for occasions like Christmas or birthdays. But, there’s something about this set which just looks quite classic and elegant yet not occasion-specific. So although these would look magical on the Christmas table, I’m enjoying using them whenever I like. Just need the full matching set now!

Just to highlight, this set is made from fine China with 22 carat gold embellishments, which makes them suitable for hand wash only and not suitable for microwave use.

In case you love these too and are wondering what else Sara Miller offers for home and kitchen enthusiasts, think of enchanting home interiors and luxurious lifestyles. Although the set I chose is quite muted and subtle, Sara Millers collections usually incorporate a lot of playful prints, vibrant patterns and striking use of colour.

She is an award-winning British designer, who takes inspiration from travels and all countries of the world. She takes her muses from far and wide and works on her visions in her London studio.

If you have a penchant for rich textures and vivid colours, with an appreciation for embellishment and delicate gold details, you’ll struggle not to fall in love with the brand…

For me and my more minimalist taste, my favourite has to be the celestial set, as the touch of subtle gold works brilliantly with my wood colour kitchen and white decor.

Some could say these plates are simply too good to be used for my amateur baking efforts, but I say good things should go hand in hand with good things, so bring it on!

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