Your Essential Guide to Transeasonal Dressing

Fashionistas, rejoice! It won’t be long before we get to say goodbye to chilly weather and fully embrace a brand new season of clothing trends.


That said, in the meantime, dressing for this in-between period can be quite challenging. 

After all, what are you supposed to wear when the weather is being unpredictable? Are you meant to invest in next season’s looks? Or do you mix and match new Spring/Summer 2020 trends with the old ones from Autumn/Winter 2019

Even though there’s technically no right or wrong answer, there are certain guidelines you can follow. Read on for your essential guide to transeasonal dressing.

Re-Organise Your Wardrobe

The first way that you can prepare for a brand new season of fashion is by re-organising your wardrobe.

Once the weather starts changing for spring, push wintry items that you no longer need to the back. (I’m talking about big, chunky jumpers, woolly coats and thick thermal leggings to name a few!) 

Then bring more lightweight and summer-appropriate items to the front. It’s all about allowing easier access for when you’re going to need them in the upcoming months.

Read Up on the Next Season’s Trends

Before you start building transeasonal outfits, it doesn’t hurt to do your research when it comes to upcoming seasonal trends. You can then ensure that you’re utilising current items in your wardrobe before you start buying further trend-driven pieces.

For instance, Spring/Summer 2020 is going to be all about neutrals juxtaposed with acid brights, eighties-style tailoring and hippie-inspired prints.

Instead of purchasing brand new items, you might find that you have a few outfit options from previous seasons which will nod to the new season. Simply dig them out from the depths of your wardrobe to aid you with the trans-seasonal period.

Layer to Perfection

On a practical note, wearing layers is a smart sensibility until the temperatures stabilise for spring.

Some great layering pieces that you can dress up or down in between seasons include: the tailored blazer, the knitted cardigan and the denim jacket. 

Throw on one of these cover-ups over your spring-influenced look for instant transeasonal cool.

Choose Classic Separates

If you’re struggling to straddle two seasons and really don’t know which direction to go in, not to worry. You can always opt for classic separates until SS20 kicks in.

By “classic separates,” I’m referring to timeless wardrobe staples like a plain neutral tee, high-waisted blue jeans, black faux leather jacket and chunky trainers combination for casual occasions.

Alternatively, for a dressier event, opt for a white button-up shirt, a black pencil skirt, neutral blazer and heeled court shoes to epitomise ageless elegance.

Use Accessories to Add Interest

Your best bet to successfully rock transeasonal dressing is to keep your outfits simple with classic separates and then add interest using accessories. 

(Less is often more in the fashion world anyway!)

Some accessories that can immediately inject personality to your outfit include: a statement necklace, tassel earrings and a leopard print waist belt.

If all else fails, just make sure that you’re wearing shoes that compliment your aesthetic and a luxe-looking handbag to make fellow fashionistas swoon.

Start Introducing New Season Pieces

Finally, once you’ve got your basic transeasonal ensemble sorted, start gradually introducing new seasonal pieces into your wardrobe as they arrive in the shops.

However, try not to over-complicate your outfits too much until you’re comfortable with the new trends. 

For example, consider building a casual outfit as you usually would, but then swapping your favourite high-waisted blue jeans for the nineties-inspired acid-wash straight-leg jeans coming in for SS20.

Now, that’s what I call staying ahead of the style pack.

Transeasonal Dressing: The Takeaway

Even though the thought of it seems overwhelming at first, transeasonal dressing in between seasons is easy once you know how to do it. 

In short: layer up your outfits, utilise current pieces in your wardrobe and incorporate key SS20 pieces slowly — and you’ll soon find that you’re the boss of transeasonal dressing.


Katie Davies is a Leeds-based freelance writer who has built a career creating lifestyle content that caters to the modern woman. When she’s not sipping coffee, shopping or exploring a new city, you’ll probably find her blogging about her latest fashion and travel adventures at

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