The Stages of Getting Ready To Go On a Girls Night Out

I f you follow me on Instagram, you may see that all I seem to do lately is work. Well, before you all assume I’m a boring and work-obsessed, I promise you that deep down, I am not.

I do in fact really really really enjoy a good old night out. I can’t think of much more I enjoy in life than embracing a planned girls night out, where we all gather together to get ready at one of our houses (or in a hotel if it’s part of a weekend away) and party the night away.

It’s the getting ready bit that I get excited about. Don’t you just love the pre-party stages?

It’s that part I want to highlight today on the blog. Getting ready to enjoy a girls night out is actually a really good excuse to catch up with your friends, have a play around with fashion, makeup and hair, experiment with a new favourite drink, eat some pretty amazing snacks and just gossip!

Because lets face it: getting ready for a night out is one of life’s best pleasures that usually gets forgotten after about after a few cocktails.

Oh, and the fact you can take some pre-night out selfies together when you’re looking your best of course!

Here’s my own little guide on how to make the most of the getting ready stage to a girls night out:

Invite the girls over

Always start off a girls night out by inviting your favourite gal pals round to your place first. Plan for everyone to arrive around 2-3 hours before you plan to go out, as you don’t want to be rushing!

Make sure everyone’s got suitable transport to get to yours, or if not, arrange to pick them all up and take them to yours. Get that pre-party playlist on in your car!

Select your outfit and prepare

Make sure you have your outfit, shoes and accessories pulled out. Run them by your girlfriends if you need a second opinion. Either way, make sure you have the outfit nailed down a good few hours before heading out, so you don’t have any last minute outfit dramas.

Then, it’s time to shower , prepare your tan, paint your nails and start blow-drying that hair!

Remember that your outfit should be something you’re super comfortable with- because confidence is the sexiest accessory. Wear something that you can move in easily, that fits well and shows off your best self. It helps to wear a little bit of a heel, as there are chunkier lower versions out there if you really can’t hack walking in stilettos!

Get the pre-party drinks poured

It’s fun to have a little tipple before you go out, but make sure it’s only one or two – you don’t want to ruin the night too early. Gin is personally a favourite of mine, and a spirit that most girls love to drink.

You could start by stocking up on some gin miniatures, so each girl has their own gin. You can get these in an array of flavours, from pink gin and elderflower flavour, to the more exotic peach & hibiscus and rhubarb & ginger gin. Top up with tonic water, throw in some ice cubes and pop in the sassy straws.

Enjoy your pre-party tipple while your hair is set in rollers, your nails are drying or your tan is setting in. Use this time to have a good old gossip and dance along to your get ready playlist.

Bring out the snacks

You should definitely make sure everyone has something to eat before heading out. Why not be the hostess with the most-ess and bring out some prepared canapes and cakes? It’s totally best not to go out on an empty stomach!

If you’d rather not cook before hand, a couple of pizzas, crisp and dip always goes down a treat.

Now its dress up and make up time 

For a night out, applying makeup is one of the last things you should do. So pop on your outfit, and then start to work on your makeup. Always apply it as late as possible so it stays as fresh as it can do. Apply false lashes, and help each other out if any of you need make up help.

Then, start styling your hair! This could be straightening, waving, curling or pinning it up. It’s much more fun to do this when you have all those extra pairs of hands around.

Organise your bag

Lets face it: a girls handbag is never lightly packed. If you need reminding of what to bring, here’s my handy little checklist:

*Chewing gum
*Bronzer or setting powder
*Eyeliner (to re-apply)
*Hair bobble

The above are the essentials, but feel free to add more to this list!

And finally: have a fantastic time! Girls nights start to change the older you get (of course, with people dropping out…) so make the most of them while you can.

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