5 Timeless Design Elements For Your Home

We all know that interior and decor trends come and go, changing seasonally. However, as with all elements of style, there are some classic design elements and interior pieces that will always stand the test of time.

If you’re in the position to update your home, or you’re looking at moving into a new place, it’s worth knowing which design elements are classic and timeless. It’s all about those features that never date.

Today, I’m sharing 8 of these with you:

Investing in good quality statement furniture

One of the number one things you can do to create a timeless room is to use good quality furniture, fabrics, and decor. Of course, not everyone has large budgets, but it’s the large scale, statement pieces which you get the most use out of that will benefit you the most.

Look at investing in the absolute best quality that you can afford. This is mainly for items like sofas, TV’s and rugs, which really stand out when you enter a room (and you get daily use out of!)

Further to this, everyone needs a storage unit that can double up as stand for displaying those favourite photo frames, flower arrangements or decorative items. A sideboard is key here, but do keep it large, painted in a neutral colour and to a classic style. It shouldn’t reflect trends or stand out, it should easily blend into the room, providing a purpose and looking like an important piece of furniture to the room.

These also work well in dining rooms, where you can get versions which allow wine racks to be held in them, or made up of a combination of drawers and cupboards. I find Cotswold Co has a beautiful selection of quality options which spoil you for choice.

Use classic patterns and colours

It’s so easy to get caught up in the design trends, but if you want to inject some beautiful textures and fabrics to your home, remember to keep it simple. Opt for a more classic pattern that will stand the test of time.

For curtains, rugs, cushions, and even wallpapers, look at simple stripe, botanical, or plaid. It’s easy to get swept up in today’s current trends, such as Geometric, but season by season, these tend to date.

So that you always have a smart and stylish home, keep a pattern simple.

Opt for clean lines

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed, it’s that more ornate and decorative homes tend to go in and out of style a lot more than a place that has a really clean, classic line to it.

This can be anything from the type of furniture, cabinetry, lighting, and hardware too. You will never regret choosing a fixture that is more streamlined, because chances are, that piece will stand the test of time much better than its counterpart.

Its worth looking at the finishing to your rooms too, like skirting boards and window ledges. These are elements which you will always need, and they actually contribute to the final look of the room more than you think. A simple, clean style like the ones at skirtings r us do the job perfectly.

Adding in a focal point

A timeless room will never be without a major focal point; the place where our eye naturally wants to land. It’s a design element that is essentially a “rule” because it works every time.

If a space doesn’t inherently have one, it can always be added in as well. The most popular ones which are considered in most houses include a great piece of art, architectural additions, a new fireplace mantel, or built-ins — even a cool furniture item can act as a focal point.

Above all, a fireplace with a mantel piece seems to work wonders. Again, keep it simple and reflecting the theme of the room.

Embracing neutrals

Colours will always come in and out of fashion, but one thing is certain: a neutral color palette will transcend time mainly because it flatters any space. Also, the more fresher and paler the colour scheme, the larger the room can appear.

Understated, relaxed, and ultimately quite classic, creams, whites and beige shades can easily act as great bases and compliment changing trends,.

There is nothing wrong with playing it safe and going completely neutral — that will never go out of style.

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