How to Choose Sunglasses That Suit Your Face Shape

So many people have recently complimented me in my newest pair of sunglasses. It’s weird, because usually, I don’t get that compliment very often. I mean, sunglasses can be stylish, but I feel like I have that many and wear them quite often that they just become part of my look.

One of the reasons I feel this specific pair get a lot of positive comments is because the shape really suit me. It must be something about the sizing and fit of them too which work with my face shape, leading to people noticing them.

If your sunglasses don’t suit you, you’re not going to look the part. So, to rock the stylish sunnies trend without looking silly, you need to make sure the sunglasses suit your face shape.

In today’s fashion world, we’re spoiled when it comes to wearing shades. I used to be a keen aviator fan, but now I’m leaning towards rounded-frames or those striking cat-eye styles. or sharp rectangle frame. I’ve also been playing around with a few chunkier square designs – I’m literally on a role this Summer!

One of the places I’ve been getting style inspiration from and shopping my shades is Nihao Jewellery, who offer a large collection of some of this seasons hottest styles.

They literally offer a fantastic range of fashion glasses from retro styles to minimalist styles, depending on what you’re after.

Either way, wearing them will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, offer defence against dirt and debris, and reduce eyestrain caused from squinting.

Let’s take a look at the main styles of sunglasses, so you can make smart choices with your next pair of shades.


If you look back into the history of aviators, you’ll find they were originally designed to protect WWII pilots’ eyes while flying at high altitude. Fast forward to modern times, and aviators are a staple product of fashion, proving to be more catwalk than cockpit.

The aviator is one of the most iconic shade styles in the world, helped along the way by celebrities like Paul McCartney and Tom Cruise. Top Gun certainly has a lot to answer for, with aviators booming onto the fashion scene when the film took off in the mid-1980s.

The beauty of the classic aviator frame is that it hasn’t dated. The frame – usually always metal – is characterised by a double or triple bridge. Take a look at Nihao Jewelry for some inspiration.

Who suits aviator frames? 

This frame suits those with square faces best, flattering the jaw. Those with oval and heart-shaped faces can pull these off, too – those faces luckily suit most styles!

Round frames

We know what you’re all thinking: John Lennon. Yes, the iconic singer made round sunglasses popular during his signature Beatles look in the 1970s. They live on today as one of the classic styles, although they do dip in and out of fashion. They peaked again in the 1990s and have come back several times since.

The reason they always return as a fashion hit is because not only are they a classic shape, they always look modern, no matter which decade we’re in. Round frames have the most playful look of all shade styles, making them a popular style choice across people in their teens and 20s.

Who suits round frames?

Round frames suit a square or oval face the most, or anyone with angular features.

Square frames

Square frames make a great frame choice for those who want to balance out any round features they have. They tend to be quite a high-fashion frame, with many designer brands jumping on this style for their latest designs.

Who suits square frames?

As well as being used to balance out rounder faces, narrow faces can wear them to add some attention to their jaw. As this style is commonly oversized, sitting quite large on the face, most people can pull these off as a fashion-forward look. Or they can just block extra rays on a lazy Sunday morning!

Wayfarer style

The Wayfarer is a classic shape frame which is one of the bestselling sunglasses types in history. Born out of the 1950s, the iconic narrow shape is versatile and timeless, and looks great on almost every face shape. The Wayfarer is like the aviator in terms of standing the test of time.

You’ll see them appear year after year across fashion shoots and catwalk shows, worn effortlessly by both men and women.

The Wayfarer shape means that these can easily break away from the standard metal frame, bringing chunkier plastic frames to the forefront. Bold colours, light prints, textures…you name it.

Who suits Wayfarer styles?

Pretty much all face shapes can wear the Wayfarer frame!

Cat-eye sunglasses

A style mostly worn by women, the cat-eye frame adds an instant touch of sophistication, as well as giving off those vintage vibes. The cat eye look historically goes back to the days of 1950s’ icons, where the frame flicks out at the top to mimic feline-like eyes, adding structure to facial features.

Generally oversized, they work wonders to hide the eyes and face from harmful rays and work a treat for those mornings when you just want to hide your face.

Who suits cat-eye styles?

Cat-eye styles tend to be flattering for those with heart- or square-shaped faces, as the angled edges at the top balance out the face shape. 

Wrap sunglasses

These shades are perfect for sporty types and athletes, or people who just want to give off that athletic vibe. You tend to find wrap-style frames are lightweight due to usually being made from plastic – they can be that lightweight they make it feel like you are not wearing any shades at all.

Wrap-around frames are popular for those who go on ski trips or take part in snow activities, in which the lenses cover most of your eyes, blocking out any UV rays trying to sneak in through the side. 

Who suits wrap frames?

Wrap frames are versatile when it comes to face shapes, but those with rounder faces tend to find them flattering.

Remember that when you set out shopping for your next pair of stylish shades, you need to look at the two important factors. It’s great to work out how good they will look on you and your face shape, but always keep in mind which features and protection they provide, too.

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