5 Ways to Create a Family Friendly Bathroom

Do you long for having a luxurious, spacious and relaxing bathroom? Most of us wish for a minimalist bathroom which is clean and clinical, but the reality of catering to the rest of the family can sometimes be a struggle.

If you have a family and are worried about how to keep a lovely looking bathroom along with being practical, then don’t worry. There are a multitude of great styles that can help make the perfect family friendly bathroom.

By doing a bit of research into styles beforehand which work for both you and your children, you can enjoy a stylish and suitable bathroom space. One that turns into fun bath times, and one that encourages chilling out before bed.

The question is: What should I look at to create a family friend bathroom? Below, I’ve put together some simple, budget-friendly ideas to make your adult bathroom more appealing and functional for the whole family.

Add colour without sacrificing taste

A fresh white bathroom like the ones you see in the interior magazines are dreamy, but they don’t appeal to a busy family lifestyle. You can certainly bring in colour, just don’t bring in aspects of cartoon characters or anything that scream novelty!

Look at adding a tiled wall behind your bath and shower to add an element of colour. Grey works brilliantly and is on trend for the foreseeable future. Paint is also a terrific, cost-efficient way to add colour to a bathroom. It’s also something you can easily change down the road as your child grows.

Why not look at painting the walls to a pale hue, like pastel blue or even the palest of lemon washes? You can match your children’s cabinets or bathroom accessories to this colour too!

2. Use hooks and think about height

When it comes to having a bathroom suitable for all, think about the various heights. Your children will need a towel rail that is fairly low, and they may also benefit from using a step so they can be at the right height to reach the sink and taps.

It’s amazing how many little additions to your bathroom, like towel hooks, towel rings and other accessories you can get from quality bath retailers like SuperBath. These can be fixed wherever you desire, ideally so that little ones have their own towels they can reach.

Hooks are also useful because they don’t take up a lot of room or sacrifice the look and feel of the bathroom. They can also be a practical place to hang items like your child’s robe.

3. Make sure your shower area is safe

With many people going in and out of the shower, especially children, your shower area needs to be safe. Perhaps a walk-in shower would work best for your bathroom, or one which works with a shower curtain instead of a glass panel.

A shower that works by being fixed over the bath is more suitable for those with children. It saves on space and helps when washing your children’s hair when they are having a bath. Take a look online at the range of stylish and practical showers you can install. Some shower heads these days are slimline and sleek, which give your bathroom that luxury finish.

4. Have fun with bath products

Kids love colours, bubbles and textures. If you don’t wish to bring these into the interior and decor of your bathroom (as lets face it, adults like a clean, stylish looking bathroom), look at bringing the fun factor in via bath products.

Have fun with hand soap, with some funky dispensers which can skirt out foaming hand soaps which are fruit scented. Dispenses brightly coloured, bubbling bath foams into sleek containers. This way, when it comes to bath time, you can dispense these into the bath for a whole lot of fun, yet they look tidy and chic when displayed on your bathroom shelf.

5. Think about the details

Your bathroom is filled with so many details! From bringing in a colourful bath mat, to having a dedicated soap dish for your children’s soap or a shower basket to store their toys, the options are endless.

Have a look at a good selection of bathroom accessories, and asses what extras you need. These don’t have to have funky designs or be brightly coloured – most accessories serve the purpose of storing toys, hanging towels and keeping children’s items in place.

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