5 Need-To-Know Bag Trends for 2019 and 2020

When it comes to inside knowledge around SS19 bag trends, which lead straight into bag trends for 2020, you’ve landed in the right place.

I’ve been doing a bit of research into the key stylish handbag trends for this year and next, to keep you one step ahead this summer and beyond.

Perhaps you may be a fan of the ’90s revival shoulder purse, a sassy take on the clutch, Or, you love a hands-free bum bag which boomed onto the scenes last summer, which are now being upgraded to elegant belt bags?

For me, I love an XXL tote, and I love grey, black and cream. Muted, classic and timeless. But obviously, it’s not what I like personally that shapes the trends. As the SS19 runways offer up a mix of styles, here are the five need-to-know bag trends to keep you one step ahead this summer.

The upgraded bum bag

If you’re toying with a bum bag purchase, park it, as there is a stylish upgrade in town and it’s more refined than ever. The newest trend in bum bag style bags are those that come across the body, and can be worn strapped over diagonally.

Also, we’re now seeing some beautiful cream and white versions, from the likes of Givenchy and Chloe. The premium brands are offering hand-held rather than belted, which they showcased at their September shows.

Prints and summer shades

I know I mentioned before how I love a muted bag, however, I’m afraid I’m falling behind with trends. Summer 2019 has seen a boom of stylish bags adorned with bold logos, brand names, slogans and pretty prints. Aside from this, people are choosing fresh pastel shades and summer hues over the classic black, in a bid to make a fashion statement.

A brand that does this really well this year is Radley London, who have some beautiful bags in an array of prints, styles and colours. They’ve launched some pretty impressive floral design versions for their Summer collection, elegant tote bags in striking shades of magenta, and a Signature Jacquard range which features their logo boldly.

Large party purses

The “It” bag style has now switched over to the oversized party purse clutch, giving a nod to rectangle ‘90s shapes, and noughties party-purse styles. Clutch bags are now acceptable for everyday use, being big enough to store notebooks, wallets, mobiles and everything else we like to hoard around with us.

Big influences come from the likes of Prada with their leather and suede version, incorporating their signature print of the season.

Natural texture bags

The summer 2019 prize of Most Instagrammable Beach Accessory has got to be the explosion of straw accessories – beach hats, beach bags and everything in between.

The natural trend is growing rapidly, especially as more people head towards vegan fashion. It started off with oversized straw hats, and now this love of straw and raffia is reflecting in low-slung bags that add the same carefree attitude we hope to carry all summer long.

Think large straw entwined tote styles, or little circular straw infused handbags which throw over the shoulder.

Oversized XXL totes

Hooray – my favourite style of bag! For 2019 and 2020, bags should be big, really big, like almost parachute big; which when full, thrown over your shoulder is almost like doing a work out. OK slight exaggeration, but it’s all about those bags that can fit in the kitchen sink!

For those who love carrying their life around with them, you’re going to love the XXL totes out there. For Summer, Versace set the trend with a transparent version ideal for the beach, and Burberry have launched super big versions for the ultimate office envy. Start the arm training in preparation now!

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